Share Our Shit Saturday 9th December #SOSS

It’s getting colder and creeping closer to Christmas.  In between all the office parties, shopping and wrapping presents, why not find some time to read some lovely sex blogs? Here’s a list of what caught my eye in the last couple of weeks. If you read something you like, remember to share it, and follow the #SOSS on twitter to find even more great content.

I’m still not feeling good, my mental and physical health is on the fritz, so I apologize again for the briefness of this post.


JoEllen Notte has reviewed an app based kegel exerciser that looks like Godzilla

Visit JoEllen Notte here

Max has reviewed a toy I really, really want, the L’amourose Prism V

Visit twix my nethers here

Mary Q Confesses has reviewed the new Doxy number 3, a toy most of the sex blogging world is intrigued by

Visit Mary Q Confesses here


Posy Churchgate has released the next installment of her BDSM erotica, Cleaner Close.

Visit Posy Churchgate here

Lips and Vibrators have written a short erotic story about a one night stand

Visit Lips and Vibrators here

Sex Ed / Personal

Floss Does Life has a really interesting personal post about erotic humiliation

Visit Floss Does Life here

Aurora Glory has written a frank, and honest guide to sex for parents

Visit By Aurora Glory here

Isabelle Lauren has written a post about how exhausting the feminist fight can be

Visit Isabelle Lauren here


Scandarella has a fantastic Christmas Giveaway, featuring a LELO Sona, an original Doxy Wand, two Vibease toys and a Christmas Stocking stuffed full of goodies from British Sex toy manufacturers

Visit Scandarella here

I am also running a giveaway which I cannot help but to shamelessly promote, take a look at what you can win from my giveaway here.

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