We-Vibe Ditto Butt Plug Review

I think I’ve found my ideal butt plug in the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug. Almost. If I could tweak the design ever so slightly it would be perfect. So let’s get on with reviewing this lovely little plug shall we?


The We-Vibe Ditto butt plug comes in a nice, simple and modern box. It’s a lovely deep purple colour and features a picture of the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug on the front and back. The design is sleek and modern, completely in line with we-vibe’s image. Inside the box you will find the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug and remote control nestled safely in a white foam mold behind a layer of plastic.

What’s in the box?


In the box you get the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug, a remote control, a sachet of we-vibe water base lube, a USB magnetic charging cable and an instruction booklet. I was expecting a storage bag as I’ve received one with the other we-vibe products I own, but nevermind. The box it comes in is sturdy and small enough to be practical for long term storage.

Description of the We-Vibe Ditto


The We-Vibe Ditto butt plug is on the petite size, which is what first got me excited about this plug. Upon feeling it for the first time I can tell it is made of high quality materials. The silicone feels wonderfully smooth and soft. The seams are so faint you can barely feel them. The head of the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug is tapered so that it starts of small then widens in a gentle curve towards the front and a straight back. The neck of the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug is nice and narrow and has some flexibility to it; I can gently bend the head of the plug back and forth with it pivoting at the neck.

The flared base of the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug is an oval shape, a pleasing shape I haven’t seen before. It is much larger than the widest point in the insertable part of the plug, meaning I have absolutely no worries about the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug disappearing up my butt. Safety is always important when using anal toys. The we-vibe logo is embossed on the base, subtly in raise silicone. There is also a single button and a silver magnetic charging port.

Charging the We-Vibe Ditto


The We-Vibe Ditto butt plug is very simple to charge up. Simply connect the charging cable to the magnetic port at the base of the plug and to a USB port or wall plug. A little LED will flash up next to the button when it is charging and stay solidly on once the plug is fully charged. It took about an hour for my We-Vibe Ditto butt plug to be fully charged before the first time I used it.

Functions of the We-Vibe Ditto

There are 3 ways you can control the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug:

  1. The button at the base of the plug
  2. The remote control
  3. The We-Connect App


The simplest way to scroll through the functions is by using the push button on the base of the plug. Hold it down for 2 seconds to turn the plug on. Then click it to change the setting. Hold it down for another 2 seconds to turn the plug off. Controlling the plug this way give you access to ten settings: four constant speeds, a pulse, an oscillation, a jittering pulse from fast to slow, a rising oscillation that drops back down, pulsing oscillation, and a very fast pulse. Although this method of control is simple, it is not easy to find and push that one little button when the plug is in your butt. That’s where the remote control comes in.


We-vibe seem to use the same remote control with a lot of their products. To be honest I don’t find the buttons the most intuitive. Perhaps it’s my dyslexia taking over. I struggle with knowing my left from my right, so remembering which of four arrows does what can be a challenge. Having said that the remote works well and is a much better way to change up the settings during use than trying to push the buttons.

To pair the remote to the plug you need to first hold down the button on the plug for five seconds. If you’ve done it correctly the plug will pulse four quick bursts then go quiet.  Then hold down the left pointing arrow on the remote for five seconds, until the plug vibrates in response. You can then use the remote to control the plug.

Press the up arrow to get the plug to turn on at setting one (low constant speed). Clicking the up arrow again does nothing after the initial turn on (see what I mean about it not being intuitive?). Press the right arrow to scroll through the settings, which effectively does the same thing as clicking the button on the base of the toy. What’s good about the remote is if you go past a setting that you like you can click the left arrow and it will go back a setting. Basically you can use the the left and right arrow keys to scroll both ways through the settings. To turn the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug off you hold down the down arrow for a few seconds. The down arrow has no other function than to turn the plug off.

The range of the remote is pretty good and the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug is very responsive to the remote, changing setting almost immediately. The we-connect app gives you the most functionality, you can create your own vibration settings and have more visual aids to see what the different vibration modes are like. You can also connect to a partner and let them control the settings on the plug for you over distance. Basically, they connect on their phone to your phone which then controls the plug. It’s a fun way to be intimate over long distance.

Using the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug


In use, I loved the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug. It’s tapered shape made it really easy to insert with the aid of water base lube and the narrow neck and flat base made it very comfortable to where. I used the remote control to control it. The vibrations are deep and rumbly and feel absolutely amazing.

I’ve used the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug both for mastuabation and during sex. I was in one of those moods where I was finding it difficult to orgasm. I’d been using toys for a while but I just couldn’t push myself over the edge. Until I added the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug. Once I had inserted it and turned it on every sensation was intensified. I felt every twitch in my kegel muscles, as my anal muscles clenched around the plug with every touch to my clit. The orgasm I eventually had was deep, long and satisfying.

When it came to where the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug for penis in vagina sex, I did have a slight issue with the design. The plug is positioned at one end of the base, with the curved side of the plug facing the larger part of the base. It feels better to where the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug with the curved part facing forwards. During clitoral masturbation, this isn’t a problem, and the base adds a nice bit of perinumn stiumation. I’m guessing this way the designer’s intentions, and it wouldn’t be a problem at all on a person with a penis. However, for my particular anatomy it means that the base obscures the entrance to my vagina, making PiV sex while wearing the plug in this way difficult. So I wear the plug “backwards”, with the curved part of the plug facing my back, during sex. It’s not too much of a problem, but I would love it if the plug was designed to sit in the center of the base so I wouldn’t have this problem.

Wearing the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug during PiV sex was really, really good. I felt like my vagina was smaller meaning every stroke from my partner’s penis felt more intense than usual. The deep rumbly vibrations seemed to radiate from my anus to my vagina and added something special. I orgasmed in record time with the aid of a clitoral vibe (I always need a clit vibe to come during PiV). It felt so intense that I had to stop for a little while and recover (who says women don’t have refractory periods?).



In conclusion, I fucking love the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug. It’s quickly become the only butt plug I reach for, both for mastuabation and for sex. It’s a perfect size for people who like smaller plugs, it’s got a fantastic motor and it’s easy to use with the remote control. I think it would make an ideal first plug. Just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean you can’t treat your butt to a top quality product.

If you’d like to buy your own We-Vibe Ditto you can find it here or here.

I’d like to thank We-Vibe for sending me the We-Vibe Ditto butt plug free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product. 

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