Share our Shit Saturday 13th January 2018 #SOSS

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a #SOSS list, which means there was so much great content to choose from! Really the list was overwhelming. What stood out to me was that while I’ve been ranting about the sex toy industry,  everyone’s been busy reflecting on the past year and compiling their best and worst of lists. So in this special addition of #SOSS, I’ve gathered together a load of reflective posts for your reading pleasure. This really is the best way to get a snapshot of what the sex blogging community is like, and what people in this little corner of the internet value. There’s so much more to discover than my little list too! We really are blessed with so many fantastic voices.

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End of Year Reflections / Best and Worst lists

Aurora Glory has reflected on 2017, including some blog stats, blog-related highlights and resolutions for the new year.

Visit Aurora Glory here

Isabelle Lauren has written a reflective post highlighing how far she has come as a writer. Isabelle: we’ve all been there! I don’t read my old posts to avoid intense cringing!

Visit Isabelle Lauren here

Posy Churchgate has been reflecting on her first year of blogging, and in true #SOSS spirit she has included loads of links to blogs that have inspired her or she has recently discovered in the past year. Here’s to many more years of blogging Posy!

Visit Posy Churchgate here

Bondage God is also reflecting on 2017, his first year of blogging,  and he’s included his favourite sex toys along with blog highlights in his thorough post.

Visit Bondage God here

Taryn of Ace in the Hole has written what she has learnt in her first year of blogging, in this blunt and practical post.

Visit Ace in the Hole here

Dangerous Lilly has written a series of best of 2017 posts, including inspirational bloggers, favourite retailers and the best blogging tools.

Visit Dangerous Lilly here

Little Switch Bitch has included a bit of everything in her end of year reflection; what she loves about the sex blogging community, highlights of the year, best and worst toys of the year, and blog stats.

Visit Little Switch Bitch here

May More of If Sex Matters has written an extensive end of year post that looks at her achievements in every month of 2017. Its is a great representation of her blog and definitely worth a read.

Visit If Sex Matters here

Nat of Cooler than a Glass Dildo has written a list of the best and worst sex toys of 2017. Find out her highlights and flops.

Visit Cooler than a Glass Dildo here

Luv Bunny of Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole is reflecting on 2017 and her experience of sex blogging and the blogging community, and how she has developed as a blogger in the last year.

Visit down the bunny rabbit hole here

Amy of Coffee and Kink has written a fantastic post featuring what she has learnt in a year of blogging. It’s a really positive and honest piece that deeply resonated with me. I truly cannot believe the blog is only one year old!

Visit Coffee and Kink here

A to Sub Bee has looked back on 2017 by selecting their favourite Sinful Sunday Images. It’s really beautiful to see.

Visit A to Sub Bee here

Marie Rebelle of has included a bunch of blog stats Top 5’s,  and a personal reflection on 2017.

Visit Rebel’s Notes here

Cara Sutra is reflected on what she has learnt in 2017, and some of her goals for 2018. It’s honest and down to earth, I think most of the blogging world can relate, whatever their topic.

Visit Cara Sutra here

Sassy Cat has posted a very personal 2017 reflection. I’m always humbled by the sincerity of sex bloggers.

Visit Sassy Cat 3000 here

Finally, Princess Previews has compiled a list of the top 10 sex toys of 2017:

Visit Princess Previews here


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  1. Thank you for your mention and your well wishes. I wish you well too as you consider where you blog is going for 2018, please stay and keep sharing your thoughts with us, you add great value to the community.

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