Share Our Shit Saturday 3rd Feb 2018 #SOSS

I’m enjoying having a bit of a theme to my #SOSS posts, it helps me to focus and narrow down the content a little. One post I was certain I wanted to share this week was this post from Dangerous Lilly about supporting sex bloggers. That’s what #SOSS is all about after all, showing support. Lilly’s post is full of ideas of how you can support your favourite bloggers, both financially and through sharing.

One thing Lilly focuses on in her post is affiliate sales. With Valentine’s day rapidly approaching, many of you will be thinking about sex toy or lingerie gifts for your loved ones. So for this week’s #SOSS post I’ve rounded up some sexy gift guides (here’s a shameless link to my own) to help you decide what to buy. When you do decide, please make a purchase through the links on the blog posts you read, that way the bloggers will get a small commission on your sale at no extra cost to you. I’d like to thank everyone who has used my affiliate links to make a purchase, I really appreciate it and it helps to keep me blogging.


Scandarella has a massive gift guide full of interesting sex toy gift ideas, split up into categories. There’s definitely a lot of food for thought in this guide.

Visit Scandarella here

Cara Sutra has a list of special offers from her affiliates.

Visit Cara Sutra here

…and a gift guide featuring the fifty shades of grey sex toy line:

Visit Cara Sutra here

Coffee and Kink have a great guide on how to shop for sex toys for a partner, with some toy recommendations at the end.

Visit Coffee and Kink here

Emmeline Peaches has reviewed some Valentine’s Cards with a difference, check them out and what Emmeline has to say about them to see if you think your lover would appreciate one.

Visit Emmeline Peaches here

Girl on the Net has written a great gift guide of stuff you might want to buy for yourself this Valentine’s Day (self love is so important, y’know).

Visit Girl on the Net here

Candy Snatch has a list of Valentine’s sex toy bargains that’d make great gifts.

Visit Candy Snatch here

Fancy some lingerie? Well Aurora Glory has written a great guide on how to buy lingerie based on your body shape.

Visit by Aurora Glory here

Luv Bunny has some ideas for Valentines Day.

Visit down the bunny rabbit hole here

Kitten Boheme has a list of sex toy sales and deals for Valentine’s Day.

Visit Kitten Boheme here

The Oooh Review have a gift guide of sex toys for Valentine’s Day.

Visit the Oooh Review here

The Phallophile Reviews has a list of sex toy sales and special Valentine’s Day offers.

Visit the Phallophile Reviews here


Remember to follow the #SOSS hashtag on twitter for links to more great sex positive content.



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