Womanizer InsideOut review

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I’m a big fan of Womanizer products. In my opinion, they make the best clitoral stimulations that you can buy (check out my reviews for the pro 40 and 2go). The Womanizer InsideOut is the latest in a series of beautiful, well-made and luxurious sex toys.


First Impressions

I received the womanizer InsideOut as a review sample. As such, it didn’t come with its original packaging, so I can’t bore you with details of luxury packaging and storage pouches. I just received the product and a charging cable. I believe if you purchase it you get an additional silicone head of a different size, and a lovely black storage bag all packaged up in a nice black box.

Womanizer have come such a long way since their first garish model. The InsideOut is beautifully stylish. It is made entirely from rich, black, high quality silicone with a gold accent at the base of the toy. This is completely my ascetic and I love how it looks. The silicone feels amazingly soft to the touch, and has very little friction. It’s the kind of silicone you can’t help but rub on your face because of how soft it feels. The seams are very faint.

For its size the Womanizer InsideOut is fairly light to hold. The lower part of the toy is egg shaped and topped with a silicone nozzle for placing over the clitoris. Coming out of the back of the Womanizer InsideOut is a curved silicone arm. This arm is fairly slim and flexible at the base. The tip of the arm is where the second motor is, and is more rigid than the rest of the arm.




Before you can use the Womanizer InsideOut you need to charge it. The USB charger attaches to the base of the toy using two magnetic ports. The magnet is strong and I had no trouble with it keep contact. You can then plug the other end in to any USB port.

At first I was confused because I didn’t know if the Womanizer InsideOut was charging. I’m used to there being a light over the buttons that indicates if the toy is charging or fully charged. It wasn’t until I switched the light off in the room that I noticed that there was a light coming from the Womanizer InsideOut. Instead of being near the buttons, the light is inside the nozzle meant for clitoral stimulation. Because the Womanier InsideOut is black, you can’t see the light unless you look directly down the nozzle. It glows red when charging and green when fully charged.


Controlling the Functions

The controls on the Womanizer InsideOut are not as straight forward as I would like. Basically, you can control the vibrations in the arm and the suction / air pressure in the clitoral stimulator independently, each has its own plus and minus button. In the above image the left hand plus and minus control the clitoral stimulator, the right hand controls the g-spot arm. There are no patterns, just constant speeds with 12 intensity levels.  So far, so good.

The confusing bit comes when you need to turn the Womanizer InsideOut on or off.  For this, the plus button that controls the clitoral stimulator does both. You need to hold it down for a few sections to turn the Womanizer InsideOut on or off. The reason this is confusing is you can scroll down the intensities of both parts of the Womanizer InsideOut to nothing, so that both parts are effectively off. However, if you look in the nozzle you will see the red light is still on, indicating that the toy is not properly switched off.

Holding down a plus button to turn off a toy is not the most intuitive thing in the world. I usually forget which button it is and end up holding each button down at random until I get the right one.


Just a quick note here about noise of the Womanizer InsideOut: it is incredibly quiet. It’s not silent by any means, but the vibrations in the g-spot arm are genuinely whisper quiet, and the clitoral stimulator is the quietest I’ve heard yet. If you need to be discreet, but really want to try a clitroal suction / pressure wave toy, this might well be the product for you.


In Use

I really love using the Womanizer InsideOut. I feel like I’ve got lucky with my anatomy, as rabbit style sex toys are always hit and miss, but this one is perfect for me. There are several reasons why I love it, but these reason might also put someone else off, so pay attention. The Womanizer InsideOut has a thin shaft. I love this because it means I can insert it into my vagina with the aid of some water based lube after very little (or no) warm up. If you like really girthy toys and are after really intense G-spot stimulation, you might be disappointed with the Womanizer InsideOut.

The clitoral stimulator is fantastic. The nozzle fits perfectly over my clit, sending wonderful pressure waves that feel better than the most intense oral sex. You know what makes the Womanizer InsideOut even better? My vagina contracts and grips in response to intense clitoral stimulation, which means that it grips onto the vibrating G-spot arm, sending a boost of stimulation through my vagina, intensifying my pleasure even more.

I’m a lazy masturbator, and the Womanizer InsideOut is perfect for lazy masturbators. Seriously, I just need to lube it up, put it in, and let it work its magic. It’s incredible. I just want someone to blindfold and tie me up and hold it in place until I come. If you are not so lazy, and like to thrust toys for some deep, internal satisfaction, again, the Womanizer InsideOut may not be the best choice for you. You can’t really thrust it without losing contact with the clitoral stimulator, and that is the best bit.

The vibrations in the g-spot arm are nice and rumbly, but they are not particularly powerful. I’m okay with that because I see the G-spot arm as an extra little boost to the pleasure I receive from the clitoral stimulator. If you are are power queen or king and you know you need deep powerful internal vibrations, the Womanizer InsideOut may not be great for you.

One final note about using the Womanizer InsideOut is that the controls can be a bit tricky. The whole toy is black, including the buttons, which although aestically pleasing, means you can’t see them very well once the toy is inserted. You need to work out what to press by feel alone (or at least I do). It can take a while to find the button you want. It is also very easy to forget which side controls which part of the toy. I have turned up the clitoral stimulator when I meant to do the g-spot arm several times. It could just be a learning curve, I have gotten better at controlling it with more uses. It just takes a bit of thought and careful feeling. I love that I can amp the intensity up and down to edge my body to the perfect orgasm. I also love that I can control both motors independently. I just wish it was easier to do. A remote control would be ideal.


Clean up

The Womanizer InsideOut is waterproof. I tested this claim by dunking it in my sink so it was fully submerged whilst on. It still works like a dream. Clean up is easy, silicone is a non porous material that I just clean using antibacterial soap and warm water. You can also sterilize it using a 5-10% bleach solution.


To sum up, I really, really loved the Womanizer InsideOut. It is a welcome addition to a line of great sex toys. It’s stylish to look at, waterproof, silicone and USB rechargable. I found it the most pleasurable of all the toys of this type I have tried so far. Bottom line: if you’d like a bit of internal stimulation with some fantastic clitoral stimulation, the Womanizer InsideOut could be your new favourite toy. If you want a bit of clitoral stimulation with intense, thrusting vaginal stimulation, the Womanizer InsideOut is not the right toy for you.

If you’d like to buy your one Womanizer InsideOut you can buy it  here or here.


*I was sent the Womanizer InsideOut free of charge by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product. 

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