Share Our Shit Saturday 17th Feb 2018 #SOSS

It’s Saturday and time to share some great sex positive content! I’m so glad #SOSS was started, I’ve discovered blogs I’d not come across before that have brought me so much joy!

I’m in a bit of a state at the moment. I’ve been menstruating for 25 days now. It’s left me fatigued and completely drained. I also keep spontaneously bursting into tears. My house is in complete squalor and I both want to leave it and stay inside at the same time. I’ve been letting my friends down and I just wish I could be better for them. I almost spontaneously adopted a gumtree cat yesterday. Basically, shit be weird.

I’ve not had much motivation to do as much seeking and reading as I usually try to do for these posts. Here’s a few things that caught my eye though.


Little Switch Bitch has reviewed the We-Vibe Gala, it’s a well-balanced, thoughtful review that I found very helpful. While you’re on her blog you might want to check out her Feb photo fest for some beautiful images too!

Visit Little Switch Bitch here

Risque Views has reviewed a Magic Wand kit, including a G-spot and Penis Stroker attachments, all in great detail.

Visit Risque Views here

Wendy of the wench works has written a heartfelt and positive review of the Sola Hop.

Visit the Wench Works here

Sex Ed / Personal

Angel Guadalupe of Lupe Space has written a great piece about her ventures into anal play, with tips and advice for people who exploring anal play for the first time.

Visit Lupe Space here

Shay of Lips and Vibrators has been writing about going back to basics: putting down her toys and learning to orgasm by using hands alone. I spend so much time obsessing over the latest sex toys that its refreshing to read this post.

Visit Lips and Vibrators here

Super Smash Cache has written a really excellent and informative piece about foreskin, including the function of it and the history of the rise of circumcision in the USA.

Visit Super Smash Cache here

Victoria of  pretty pink lotus bud has written a heartwarming personal story about consent. It’s a wonderful story that I’m so glad she shared. I had a similar experience with my now husband.

Visit pretty pink lotus bud here


Gia is celebrating St Patrick’s Day with 3 sex toy prizes to giveaway, open worldwide!

Visit I dream of Gia here

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