Share Our Shit Saturday 24th Feb 2018 #SOSS: The Mental Health Addition

It’s Saturday again and time for me to share some fantastic sex positive content from the sex blogging community. I’ve been struggling with my mental health for a while now, and as we’re nearing the end of winter I know so many of you are struggling too. I want to show you that you are not alone, and offer some solace and support. So this week’s #SOSS will be a little different. Each post offers a personal and unique insight into what it’s like to struggle with mental health, sometimes in relation to sex, but not always. These are tough things to write about and I have the utmost respect for the bloggers who are able to. Rather than summarise what are obviously very personal pieces, I will just leave you with each title and author. I feel more comfortable this way, as I would hate to misinterpret something so important.

So here we go. Click each title to reach the original post(s).

Sex and Depression with JoEllen Notte: Articles, Interviews, Panel Discussions, Resources, and more (JoEllen Notte has written many articles about sex and depression, this link is to a page that collates them all)

Sex and Depression – An Impossible Choice. By Candy Snatch

Suicide, mental health, Movember 2016. By Submissives

Coming Out As Borderline – Sexual Self Reflection. By Aurora Glory

The Bipolar Blogger: Productivity Tips From a Manic Mess. By Kate Solan of Girly Juice

Sex and sertraline part 1: masturbation. By Girl on the Net

Article: Life Goals For When Life Seems Like Too Much. By Emmeline Peaches

Living with Anxiety – Blogger Insecurities. By Echo Explores

Depression, 45, 40: Time For Some Honesty. By Dangerous Lilly

The Push and Pull of Depression and Anxiety. By Kayla Lords

Making Up for Lost Orgasms, pt. 1: Body Image and Depression. By Phallophile Reviews

Dildos and Depression. By Taryn of Ace in the Hole

and then it all started to fall apart again. By SassyCat3000

That ‘stiff upper lip’ thing. By Luv Bunny of Down the bunny rabbit hole

Mental Health/Illness and Sexuality. By Livvy Libertine

Erotica & Depression. By fckleberryfinn

Mental Health. By Mary Q Confesses (this is a whole section of personal mental health related blog posts)

Struggling – a personal post on depression. By horny geek girl

Sex Not Stigma: Using My Sexuality to Manage My Mental Health. By Amy of coffee and kink

Your mental/emotional wellbeing. By Sexpotential


Lets talked about PTSD. By Chronic sex

10 thoughts on “Share Our Shit Saturday 24th Feb 2018 #SOSS: The Mental Health Addition

  1. Thank you Jezebella! Going to book-mark this and visit the various posts as and when.
    Gosh haven’t a lot of my favourite ‘sex bloggers’ been able to offer advice about diverse aspects of mental health? Great work to collate it all together. xx

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  2. I love that you have published such a post – we are individuals and our mental health problems are just so – and would like to add mine – it’s important and needs to be read 😉 even thou it has not resulted in a mental health problem for me, I feel it is relevant

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  3. This is a great idea. I’ve been trying to come up with an idea to connect all the sex bloggers that write about mental health. Perhaps a hashtag such as #sb4mh (sex bloggers 4 mental health) in addition to your #notalone and my #bfmh (blog for mental health)
    I was thinking maybe using the hashtag weekly similar to #SOSS on Saturdays. I feel that there should be some form of unity among sex bloggers who write about their mental illness effecting their sex life in addition to everyday activities. I wanted to write for a mental health website but because my blog was contained adult material I couldn’t. I felt embarrassed and dirty and then I got pissed off. Maybe just having that as an umbrella (sb4mh) could be able to included everyone to writes about sex & mental health.
    I even came up with a pledge for it….what do you think? I could start with your list and hopefully it can grow from there.

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