13 thoughts on “Free Sex Toys! Just pay P&P and help me spring clean!

      1. I’ve just looked it up and it would be £7 ($12.85 AUD) for international delivery to Australia. That’s a set price for a small parcel under 2kg so I could probably put a few more items in there if you did want anything else. It’s the cheapest option so it could take a while to reach you though! Just let me know if you’d like it 🙂


  1. Lol sure of it. I’d be interested in it and maybe the Billy G spot one. I’ll have a think about it tonight and let you know. I’ll seriously need a bigger case for my toys soon.


    1. The Billy has just gone I’m afraid and I’ve just received a request for the glass plug, so I need to know if you’d like it since you technically asked first, or I’ll let the other person have it


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