Fiction: An Introduction to Jasper

I lay on the cool, fresh grass, the sweet scent filling my nostrils. This was my favourite time of day; the twilight hours deep in summer, when the light became magical. The warm summer breeze gently caressed my skin. I thought of Jasper.

I had found this wonderful, accepting man, who sees all of my faults, and simply loves me. I feel no judgement, no attempted sculpting or molding into a more appealing shape. Just acceptance, compassion, and love. I looked up at the light pink clouds, dancing on the horizon, a smile on my lips. I stretched, sighing out all the tension that was left in my body. It was time to return home.

The trail through the park twisted past ancient oak trees, their twisted bows casting long shadows in the failing light. Above them, starlings danced in their swirling call to roost, swooping higher in the air as more and more birds joined in their night time waltz. I thought that this display, although spectacular to me, was simply their way of returning safely home. Jasper would be home already. Our home. I quickened my pace.

His shoes were by the door. “Hey!” I shouted, listening for his returned greeting. I found him in the kitchen, arms up to the elbow in the sink, washing the dishes from the day. I stood behind him, wrapping my arms around his warm torso. I kissed up and down his neck, breathing in his warm and familiar scent, as he told me about his day. I massaged his back through his plaid shirt. He groaned in satisfaction, pausing the washing and closing his eyes to better appreciate my attention. “That feels very nice” he said in a low, relaxed tone. “Would you like to come upstairs with me?” I asked, rubbing my hands up and down his back, then tapping his butt lightly. “Sure” he said, a hint of excitement in his voice.

I took him by the hand, led him to the bedroom and closed the door. I turned to face him, placing my hands on his slim waist, slowing running my hands down to his hips then back up again. I kissed his neck slowly, working my way with little kisses up to his ear lobe, listening to his little sounds of pleasure, each one filling me with joy and encouragement. I gave his ear lobe a gentle bite, my hands circling around his back to squeeze his small, firm butt.

He reached up to his neck and began to unbutton his shirt. I stepped back to give him some room and quicken his task. Once the shirt was open I smoothed it over his shoulders and to the floor, caressing his chest as I did so. He stood motionless, his eyes closed, as I kissed all over his chest, starting at his collar bone and working my way slowly downwards. I paused to lick each nipple, kissing and sucking at them until they became hard. Lightly, with my fingertip, I traced the white raised scar that ran down the length of his lower torso, kissing it at intervals. He let out a whimper of pleasure as I reached the groove between his hip bones and soft inner belly, his whole body twitching in response to each caress of my lips.

I rubbed his crotch through his jeans, feeling the firm erection beneath the thick fabric. I tugged playfully at his waistband, and looked up at his green eyes, shining with desire. He undid his jeans buttons and pulled them swiftly to the floor, boxers included, and sat on the edge of the bed to remove his socks. I knelt in front of him, pushing his knees apart so I could get my body close to his. I resumed kissing his lower belly, my hands caressing the tops of his thighs. My lips moved closer to his penis, slowly kissing his inner thighs and the crease where his legs met his pelvis. He moaned, the low primal sound emerging from deep inside his throat. I reached between his legs and gently caressed his balls, running two fingers behind them to lightly stroke his perineum as I felt the weight of his balls in the palm of my hand.

I licked the head of his penis, my wet tongue circling his glands, listening to his heightened moans of pleasure, one hand still cupping his balls. Then, oh-so-slowly, I kissed the tip of his penis, widening my mouth with each kiss, my tongue caressing the underside, until I began slowly sucking the tip. The arousal rose within me, I could feel my wet cunt throbbing in anticipation as I slowly sucked the head of his penis, my tongue working in unison with my lips to massage his glands.

I moved my second hand to the shaft of his penis, tightly gripping it and moving up and down in time with my head, the first hand still caressing his balls. He began to shudder under me. I let out a moan of my own, ecstasy in my eyes, his hot penis hard between my lips as I quickened my movements in response. He shook a little harder and I slowed, removing his penis from my mouth with a pop, I stroked up and down his shaft slowly, taking my hand from his balls and pushing him back on to the bed.

I stood up, pulled my summer dress over my head, exposing my bare breasts, deftly pale against my mid summer tan, and wriggled out of my underwear. I rubbed my vulva, feeling the wet arousal that had built up. I climbed up on top of him, straddling his body, his penis rubbing up against my clit as I kissed his neck, and then his mouth, the urgency and passion flowing from me. “Is it okay if I fuck you?” I whispered in his ear “yes” he gasped back.

Still straddling him I reached for the bottle of lube that we kept on the bedside cabinet. I squeezed some into the palm of my hand and then rubbed it up and down the length of his penis. He moaned in pleasure, grabbing hold of my hips as I positioned the tip of his penis at the entrance to my tight, wet vagina. I lent forward again, kissing his neck, as he thrust his hips, slowly working his penis deeper and deeper into my vagina. He held my breasts, his thumbs running over each nipple as I moaned in pleasure, an electric shock of arousal running through my body.

His hard, throbbing penis was deep inside me now and I rocked my hips against it, the pleasure within rising as I squeezed my vagina tight around it. He pinched my nipples as I began to focus on the orgasm building up inside me. I grabbed a bullet vibe, never stopping my motion as I moaned to him “this feels so good!”. I clicked it on and pressed the deep, rumbling vibrations onto my clit, pushing against his penis, my pelvis expertly angled so that it hit my G-spot with every thrust. I moaned as I felt the heat rising in my body. He thrust quicker into me in response, rubbing across my nipples, sending even more pleasure racing through my whole body as I sped along to orgasm. I was silent, every part of my body squeezed tight in pre-orgasmic tension, concentrating hard on that joyous feeling that I didn’t want to end. Then I let out a loud, long moan, as the waves of orgasm spread through my body, hitting me over and over again like a rough tide. I threw the bullet to one side, kissing Jasper deeply.

He grabbed onto my hips and started fucking me faster, with deep, long thrusts. I felt the orgasm quickly rising again as I encouraged him along, my hips moving against his, as if we were one perfect fucking machine. My second orgasm was more like a quick slap of pleasure. I let out a moan, and he move faster again as I recognized these quicker thrusts as his own orgasm, his sounds of pleasure drowned out by my own uncontrollable howls.

He stopped and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction, his penis still inside my vagina. I relaxed down onto his chest. We kissed lightly. “I love you” I whispered. “I love you too” he whispered back. I slid to his side, my head on his chest, his arm around me, and I pulled up the blanket. We basked, warm in our afterglow and the love we felt for each other.



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