Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls system

The lurepink silicone kegel ball system is a great set of silicone balls for beginners. There are a range of weights so that you can build up the difficulty level at a pace you are comfortable with. Although the balls were below my ability, I think they would be perfect for a person with weak pelvic floor muscles, or someone wishing to build up their kegel strength again after a vaginal birth or trauma.


The lurepink silicone kegel balls system is packaged in a simple black cardboard box. The lurepink logo has been stuck on to the top using a sticker. This isn’t the most luxurious or high quality packaging, but it does the job. Inside the box you’ll find the five silicone balls wrapped in plastic, two ball holders, a storage bag and a little instruction booklet.


The five lurepink kegel balls are made from silicone and each is a different weight. The five weights are: 80g, 70g, 60g, 40g and 35g. The weight of each ball is indented on the top, so that you know which is which. The colour of each ball also darkens with weight; the lightest ball is white and the heaviest is a dark purple.  I do really like the colour scheme of these balls, paired with the soft light grey of the holders it is aesthetically pleasing. The silicone feels really nice and soft to the touch, but there is an obvious seam around each ball which will make cleaning a little tougher than it could have been.


There are also two silicone holders for the kegel balls, one double holder and one single holder. These have long silicone tails that you can use are retrieval chords, which are very useful when removing the balls from your vagina. You need to stretch each holder around the ball, which can be a bit fiddly but isn’t too much trouble. However, the silicone on the holder is so thin I am nervous I will break it, but so far it has been okay. These also have an obvious seam and the word lurepink printed on them.


The way kegel balls work is you insert them in to your vagina and squeeze your kegel (pelvic floor) muscles around them, either to hold them in (if you find the kegel balls a challenge), or just to have something to focus on and grip to help you engage the correct muscles in a kegel workout. The heavier or smaller the kegel balls the harder you have to work to keep them inside your vagina. The lurepink silicone kegel ball system works on weight, not size, so all the balls are the same size (1.4 inch in diameter).


The two different holders mean that the range of weights go from 35g (single ball in single holder) to 150g (the two heaviest balls in the double holder) with lots of options in between (15 total possible weights). This makes it a good system to build up your muscle strength gradually by increasing the weight. Kegel muscle exercises are most effective if they are performed daily for a short amount of time (10 to 15 mins) rather than infrequently for longer periods. The benefits of strengthening your kegel muscles include better bladder control and a tighter vagina which may improve sexual pleasure.


Before the first use I did sterilize the whole system using baby bottle sterilizing fluid, just to make sure they were completely sterile from the factory. The benefit of silicone is that it is a non porous body safe material that can be fully sterilized.

I have quite strong kegel muscles, so the first time I tried the lurepink kegel ball system I used the two heaviest balls in the double holder. I needed to apply some water based lube so that I could comfortably insert both balls into my vagina. I did this standing upright in the bathroom with one foot up on the bath, but the instructions state to lie on your back. I think it’s best to experiment with whatever positions feel easiest to you.

Once the balls were inserted, I had no trouble holding them in. I think these balls are a little too large to give me a real challenge. I have some small steel balls I use when I fancy a difficult work out. However, I did find that having the lurepink silicone kegel balls inserted really helped me to engage my kegel muscles and acted as a reminder to continue to squeeze them for a proper workout.

Removal was simple, I just squatted and tugged on the retrieval chord and they popped out. I then washed the whole thing in warm water and antibacterial soap, and stored them back in the white storage bag included.

Overall, I think the lurepink kegel ball system is a good place to start for people who are new to kegel exercise, or who have weak pelvic floor muscles. I like that the system can be tailored to the perfect weight level, and I find the ball’s colour system pleasing. I appreciate the inclusion of a storage bag, although the instruction booklet leaves much to be desired.

Although the lurepink kegel balls are not advanced enough for my level, they did work to encourage me to have a good kegel workout. They aren’t as expensive as some other kegel exercisers, particularly considering you get five different weighted balls, which make them great for beginners.

If you would like to buy your own lurepink kegel balls, you can find them here.

I’d like to thank lurepink for sending me these kegel balls free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product.



One thought on “Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls system

  1. Great review, and yes I agree, really pleasing colours and fairly fail-safe colour coding!


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