Womanizer Premium Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator Review

Unsure which womanizer to buy? Read my comparison review here.

I’m so excited to tell you about the new Womanizer: the womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator. It’s got all the same features as the womanizer pro 40 plus new technology that actually makes a huge improvement! Seriously, in my opinion it doesn’t feel like womanizer threw bells and whistles at their design just to make something new and sparkly to increase sales. It feels like womanizer sat down and thought about any negative comments they had received about their products, and then they carefully thought about how to address them. The result is a fantastic, well designed product that is easy to use, more discreet than any other clitoral stimulator of this type, and gives me easy to achieve intense orgasms.


First of all, let’s talk about these design improvements. To start with, unlike the pro 40, the whole womanizer premium smart silence is covered in super soft seamless silicone, except for a small gold accent in plastic. This means it feels great to the touch, is easy to grip and it can be fully sterilized, particularly since the product is waterproof. Mine is a wonderful rich red colour, which I adore; it makes a refreshing change from all my black, purple and pink toys.

Like the pro 40, and unlike the original design or the 2 go, the womanizer premium smart silence has a longer handle, which I really like because it is easy to hold on to and reach the controls with my thumb. One simple, yet greatly appreciated improvement is that the plus button (increases intensity) is larger and raised higher than the minus button (decreases intensity). This means it is incredibly easy to tell these buttons apart by touch alone. That might sound like a minor detail, but it makes such a difference when you’re trying to tailor the perfect orgasm; you don’t want to be focusing on which button it is you need to press, or worse, accidentally press the wrong one and go down when you needed to go up!


The charging system has also been improved in the womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator. Unlike previous models (except the newer womanizer inside out) which have a pin changer covered by a little seal to keep the toy water tight when not charging, the womanizer premium smart silence has a magnetic USB charger. It snaps into place with minimal effort and stays there, I have no worries that the charging would slip off and stop charging it. This system makes me more confident that the product would stay water tight when using it in the bath or shower or during cleaning.

The second improvement to the womanizer premium smart silence’s charging system is that there are three little lights just above the charging point. When you first press the power button to turn the toy on these three little lights indicate to you how charged the womanizer premium smart silence is; one light on means low battery, three lights on means full battery. All three light flash up in order when the womanizer premium smart silence is charging and remain on once it is fully charged.


The womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator has two features that are completely new for this model: an auto pilot feature and a smart silence feature. Both are cool as fuck. The auto pilot feature is sort of an attempt at patterns, but with the knowledge that no one really wants patterns just for the sake of it, and I’ll talk about this more later. The silence feature is so wonderfully clever in it’s simplicity I’d be surprised if we don’t see it mimicked in competitor’s products soon. Basically, this kind of air pressure wave stimulator is normally loud. That’s just a fact of when you are pushing out pressure waves of air, you are producing sound waves (since that’s exactly what a sound wave is, moving waves of air particles, so in a way these toys are getting you off though sound, weird huh?). However, the sound is greatly muffled and so much quieter when it is trapped, i.e. when the silicone head is held against your skin. This is where the smart silence feature comes in!


The womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator only comes on when the head touches something. As soon as you remove it from the skin it immediately turns off. Push it back on the skin and it’s back on again at the level it was on. Cool, huh? This means no more waving around in the air sounding like a hedge trimmer as you desperately try and find the off switch when you hear your flat mate coming up the stairs. I’ve made a little video on instagram to show you what I mean, which you can see here (make sure the sound is switched on).

Whilst we’re on the topic of sound, I find the womanizer products in general (except perhaps the womanizer 2go) to be quieter than competitors, particularly at the lower intensity levels which I tend to favour.

In use, like all the other womanizer products I’ve tried, I fucking loved it! The silicone cup encased my clit perfectly and delivered pressure waves that seemed to stimulate the very essence of all clitoral nerves, in a deep, satisfying way.


There are 12 levels of intensity, starting at the lowest level when the womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator is turned on. You can scroll up and down the intensity levels by pressing the plus and minus buttons. I only use the first four levels, never needing more. In fact it’s often the lower level that is the orgasmic frequency for me; going down a level can induce spontaneous clitoral orgasm. This is where I found my love for the auto pilot feature.

If you press the button with a wave on it, just above the gold accent, it switches the womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator in to auto pilot mode. You might be forgiven in thinking that pressing this button will give you patterns, but that’s not really what it does. What happens is the intensity level of the pressure waves are gradually increased and decreased within a 4 level window. When auto pilot mode is first switched on, the intensity levels included are the first four levels (perfect for me). It selects the intensity level and stays there for about 20 seconds before changing. Although it appears that the levels are gradually going up then back down then back up again, it’s actually more varied than that, meaning that which intensity level is coming next unpredictable. This is great if you want to delay your orgasm for a more intense ending, or, like in my case you want your orgasm to take you by surprise. If you press the plus button in auto pilot mode, the window of levels it produces shifts up a level (e.g. levels 2 to 5). You can keep ramping up until it’s only giving you levels 9 to 12 if you wish, and use the minus button to decrease back down.

Although I think that autopilot mode may not suit everyone (and that’s completely fine because manual mode allows you to achieve tailor made awesomeness), I really enjoyed the way it teased my body to orgasmic glory.

The first minute of auto pilot mode warmed up my clit wonderfully, the intensity levels increasing up to level four. As the intensity began to oh-so-slowly decrease back down, my vagina began to twitch in familiar orgasmic waves, taking me by surprise as the hard wave of pleasure hit moments after. My vaginal muscles twitched again in a second, more intense orgasm. I took the womanizer premium smart silence away from my super sensitive clit and it immediately snapped silent. A broad smile crossed my face as I giggled “clever! It’s so clever!”. I really do think this is a wonderful toy!

Overall, I think the womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator is fantastic! It’s design is similar to the pro 40, and it kept everything I loved about that product then made some smart improvements that have truly impressed me. The silence feature works wonderfully, the autopilot feature adds something interesting and the charging, material and button design are all better. All this and I still get spectacular, easy to achieve, deeply satisfying clitoral orgasms. What more can I ask for?

If you’d like to buy your own womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator you can find it here  or here.


The product I reviewed is a pre-release review sample, which did not come in the final packaging, which is why I make no mention of the packaging in the review. 

I’d like to thank Lovehoney for giving me the womanizer premium smart silence clitoral stimulator free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product. 

10 thoughts on “Womanizer Premium Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator Review

  1. I saw this review immediately after googling “Womanizer Premium Review”. I was fully charging it up for the first time. Got it yesterday at the Hustler Store after deciding to replace my original Womanizer which I misplaced during my move back to Seattle. This is the most in-depth review of a toy that I’ve ever seen and makes me proud of my decision let the money fly out of my pocket and land into Hustler’s. I’m looking forward to trying it out


  2. Thank you for a great review. You mentioned that the womanizer pro W500 is difficult to hold during PiV sex. Is it better with womanizer premium?
    Thank you for reply.


    1. Hi Jenny,

      Yes, I find the premium is easier to hold and direct during PiV sex, because it has a longer handle and the buttons are placed better so it’s easier to find the one you want. It’s also slimmer. The W500 is quite wide, so when I’ve used it during PiV sex it ended up being bashed against me or just wouldn’t fit between my body and my partner’s. Hope this is helpful.


  3. 67+ widow, no sex for 4 years, my skin gets irritated by too much rubbing!

    Reading your review leads me to think orgasm might come quickly with limited rubbing, I prefer no rubbing. Because it has a sucking clit AIR process it might be both gentle on my skin surface and stimulating.

    Please explain more about the AIR process, not sure I fully understand it.

    BTW I looked up on google to find out what PiV sex was.


    1. Hi Cath,

      The way these kind of stimulator work is they have a plate inside the head that pushes up and down quickly. Instead of your skin being stimulated by the vibrating plate directly (as is the case with standard vibrators) the head focuses the air on top of the plate and directs it on to your body. So basically you are stimulated by the air that is pushed by the plate.

      It’s hard to say if you would get on better with a womanizer, it is less of a rubbing sensation and more of a tapping one (although the sensation is difficult to describe). I always recommend using a good water based lube, which might help too.

      Hope this is helpful.


  4. LOVE the Premium! I’ve actually owned 3 of these (two have died after about 6 months near-daily use) but this last one has been going strong since uh… oh… we’re nearly on 6 months – let’s see! haha!
    I think it might honestly have something to do with being in Aus and our stronger wall outlets (hence why I only charge via my computer USB port just in case) but I haven’t seen anyone mentioning issues, so I thought I’d put my experience up.
    Agree with the review – FANTASTIC toy! And my first clit stimulator. I also couldn’t take anything beyond level 4 for AGES (hell, level ONE was a shock at first!). Now… now I want more… but I use mine a lot, and after the fifth orgasm in a row, level 12 just ain’t gonna cut it… >:)
    Anyway, thanks for the great review – I’d totally recommend this bad boy too. I’m still looking for something that gets less in the way for PiV/dildo use (the shape of the top of the toy gets in the way for me personally) but this is absolutely the workhorse of my collection and perfect for a non-penetrative quickie.


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