Sex furniture is not something you necessarily need in your life (after all, any furniture can be sex furniture with a little bit of imagination), which makes it immediately feel like an indulgent and luxurious purchase.  Liberator capitalise on that completely, everything about the Liberator Hipster feels high quality, well designed and luxurious. I was content to run my hands over the wonderfully soft curves of this supportive sex cushion.  Using it to aid sex positions with a partner was a real treat.

The Liberator Hipster comes vacuum packed in a bag inside a cardboard box. The box is sturdy and stylish with its black and white colour scheme and its innuendo catch phrases. It’s much heavier than I expected, but also smaller than I expected. Turns out you can vacuum pack sex position cushions into a much smaller space than they would normally take up. Once you get the Liberator Hipster  out of the vacuum pack bag, there is no way it is going back in again. I’ve seen some websites stating that the Liberator Hipster comes with a storage bag. This is simply not true. It is vacuum packed in to a zipped up canvas bag (the kind of material you would find a tent in), that once unzipped and the Liberator Hipster removed, becomes completely useless. When buying, please bare in mind that the Liberator Hipster is big (it’s 33inches / 84cm long and 9.5 inches / 24cm tall), and has no storage bag. You’ll need a space big enough to store it (I keep mine at the foot of my king size bed, on its side). If you want to keep it out of sight you’ll need a pretty big wardrobe or a lot of room under the bed. However, nothing about it screams sex.


Once you’ve unleashed the Liberator Hipster from its vacuum pack, you’ll need to zip on its outer cover. I found this a bit of a puzzle to work out, as the whole thing is an odd shape and there’s no indication of which end of the pillow you should try and shove in the cover first, but eventually I managed it.  The outer material is super soft and feels lovely to the touch, like a wonderful fleece blanket. When you are lying on it you really feel like you’re having a luxurious experience. The whole cover can be zipped off and put in the washing machine, which is really convenient.


The shape of the Liberator Hipster is really clever, the two humps fit my body really well. When I lie on my back it naturally lifts my hips up in the most comfortable way ever, meaning we can get much deeper penetration in the missionary position. It is also fantastic for rear entry positions because your hips can be supported fully by the larger hump, whilst your upper body can lean on the lower hump which keeps the Liberator Hipster from sliding away. The firm foam material pushes back against thrusts, meaning we can go faster and harder because there isn’t much give. This has been really good for me, because I love hard, deep penetration shortly after I’ve orgasmed.


I really like that the Liberator Hipster is so wide, my husband and I even managed to have sex in the spooning position with both of us lying on it side by side. As the material is so firm, it can also take a lot of weight without deforming, which makes it perfect for adding extra support where you need it. This might be helpful for people with mobility or pain issues, because it could help to take the pressure off certain body part, or to maintain certain positions for longer and more comfortably. However, since I don’t these issues myself, I cannot make these claims with much confidence.


The best thing about the Liberator Hipster is how comfortably we can get into a variety of positions. I didn’t really like the missionary position before, but this pillow seems to moves my centre of gravity so that my legs will easily rock back towards my head and my partner can penetrate me more deeply.


If you’re stuck for position ideas the Liberator Hipster has a couple of ideas pictured on the box. The box has these outer flaps that you can lift up to reveal more information. Although there isn’t really much point in keeping the box, as it is too big to leave lying around but too small to actually put the Liberator Hipster back in to. Still, you could take a photo and have a go at the positions pictured if you fancy a bit of exploration. Exploration is the key with the Liberator Hipster, just try out different positions and see what a difference it makes. I never really would’ve thought about spooning on the Liberator Hipster before it just kind of happened because I was reclining on it when sex was initiated.


Overall, the Liberator Hipster has been an asset to my sex life. Its so comfortable I have even used it just to recline on to read a book! As I’m trying to get pregnant, I’m also using it to elevate my hips after sex, which is far more relaxing than leaning my legs up the wall. I would recommend the Liberator Hipster to anyone who wants to explore more with sex positions or who needs help with hip support during sex.


If you’d like to buy your own Liberator Hipster you can find it here.

Comparison with the Liberator Wedge

I do also have the Liberator Wedge, and I thought it might be useful to add a quick comparison here. The Liberator Wedge has the same features as the Liberator Hipster; machine-washable soft lovely cover, firm foam interior, similar box and vacuum packed with no storage bag. The main differences are the size and shape of these two products. The Liberator Hipster is so much bigger and better, it supports more weight, fits more on it, and the curves make it suit my body better. It actually feels like my centre of gravity has moved from my butt / hips when I’m lying on it. The Liberator Wedge still does a good job of elevating my hips, and before I got the Liberator Hipster I was really happy with it. However, since I’m comparing, I must say the Liberator Wedge compresses much easier, since it is smaller, meaning there’s less push back so PiV sex doesn’t feel as hard, particular in rear entry positions where the Hipster really excels. Perhaps if I was a lighter person the Liberator Wedge would support me better. Having said that, the Liberator Wedge is almost half the price, which is definitely worth taking into consideration, as neither of these products are particularly affordable. Also, the Wedge takes up less space so is easier to store under the bed. Bottom line, the Liberator Hipster is better than the Liberator Wedge (in my fat female opinion), but the Liberator Wedge is still a great product, which is cheaper, easier to store and can be used to aid sex positions in much the same (if not as good) way.


If you’d like to buy the Liberator Wedge you can find it here and the Liberator Hipster can be found here.

I’d like to thank Lovehoney for providing me with the Liberator Hipster free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the product. 




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