Womanizer pro W500 black & gold review

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The Womanizer pro W500 black and gold edition is by far the fanciest sex toy I’ve ever introduced to my clit. Plated with a beautifully shiny 25 karat gold accents and a Swarovski crystal power button, womanizer have gone out of their way to make this sex toy the most luxurious on the market. You can get it in a variety of colours and designs to suit lots of tastes.


The Womanizer pro W500 comes in a nice study cardboard box, the front has an image of the product on it and the back has some information. The top of the box slides off to reveal an array of goodies inside. Alongside the Womanizer pro W500 in its lovely black and gold colour scheme, there was also an additional silicone suction head, a USB charging cable, a USB wall plug (for EU plug sockets, no good for me in the UK but I could use it for travel), a black satin storage bag, a little cleaning cloth and a full set of instructions.


The storage bag is well made and sturdy, with a drawn string to close it. There is enough room in it for the Womanizer pro W500 alongside the charging cable, cleaning cloth and extra (larger) silicone head. It’s great that so much will comfortably fit because it means you can discard the outer case if you don’t have much storage space. The outer box is study enough for long term use, however, if you wish to keep it.



To charge up the Womanizer pro W500 you need to open up the little silicone tab at the base of the toy and insert the pin end of the charger. Then plug in the USB to any active USB port or wall plug. The head of the Womanizer pro W500 flashes green whilst it is charging and stays solidly on once it is fully charged, which takes around 2 hours.


There are just two buttons on the Womanizer pro W500, a simple on / off switch, which you need to hold down for a second or so and the head will glow with a soft red light, and a plus and minus switch to scroll through the 12 intensity levels. Clicking the on/off button quickly while the Womanizer pro W500 is on will take you back down to level 1, hold it down and the Womanizer pro W500 will turn off. I really like that you can scroll up and down the intensity levels because it makes it much easier to tailor the exact amount of suction / pressure waves that you need to achieve the most blissful orgasm. I will also say that the Womanizer pro W500 is surprisingly quiet for a toy of this kind, even on the top speeds it’s not so loud that you’d hear it through a closed door and heavy duvet.


Using the Womanizer pro W500 came naturally to me, as I have quite a bit of experience using this kind of clitoral stimulator. I used the larger silicone head because I have a fairly big clit and I knew it would fit me better. It’s this little attention to detail that I really appreciate from Womanizer. If you’ve not tried one before I suggest experimenting with the two heads to find out which one is right for you. On first use, I coated the edge of the silicone head in a little water-based lube then placed the head carefully over my clit, creating a good seal. I turned the Womanizer pro W500 on at the lowest intensity level ad immediately felt the wonderful thrill of pleasure and arousal run through my body. The Womanizer pro W500 is one of the few products I can use from cold, so to speak, because level 1 is so gentle. I then edged myself, varying the intensity levels between the first 3 or 4 and moving the toy ever so slightly up and down, until I came with the most wonderful, shaking, moaning, orgasmic release.


I have also used the Womanizer pro W500 during PiV (penis in vagina) sex. We were in a semi-spooning position, but I had one leg hooked back behind his legs so that I had easier access to my clit. Although this did work to some extent, the handle of the Womanizer pro W500 is not the easiest to hold, because it is round and chunky rather than long it doesn’t give you much to hold on to. This is fine for masturbation, but during sex there’s much more motion going on and it got a little tricky, also because the Womanizer pro W500 is quite wide and it kept hitting up against my partner’s leg, which pushed it into my clit harder than I would have liked. So overall, not the best product to use during PiV sex, but a fantastic clitoral stimulator during other situations.


Clean up is easy because the Womanizer pro W500 is 100% waterproof (make sure the charging port is nice and sealed up though!). I just washed mine throughly in soap and warm water, then left it upside down (silicone head downwards so the water drained out) to dry. Once dry, I used the little polish cloth included to shine up the gold then popped it back in the storage bag.


Overall, I really like the Womanizer pro W500. If you want to gift someone a sex toy that really screams luxury, and that gives fantastic clitoral stimulation, this is the product you are looking for! The same goes if you want to treat yourself and the Womanizer pro W500 appeals to your aesthetic. It’s got all the things I look for in a good sex toy; it’s fully waterproof, rechargeable, made from body safe materials and has a fantastic motor producing wonderful orgasmic stimulation.

If you’d like to buy your own Womanizer pro W500 you can find it here or here or here.

I’d like to thank Womanizer for providing me with this product free of charge in exchange for a honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product. 

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