Womanizer Starlet Review

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The Womanizer Starlet is womanizer’s most affordable and tiniest clitoral stimulator. Measuring just 9cm long it’s the smallest toy of its type, the whole thing will fit comfortably in the palm of my hand. It is perfect if you want a tiny travel-sized womanizer, or if you are just really in to little things. However, reducing the size and price of a product does have its drawbacks. The Womanizer Starlet is the only (current) womanizer product to not be fully waterproof. It also has only 4 intensity levels, and a single button for a control. Furthermore, it doesn’t come with any of the useful extras that other womanizer products come with, such as a different sized silicone head, a USB wall plug, or a storage bag. It does, however, still give great clitoral stimulation, even with it’s limited settings.



The Womanizer Starlet comes in quite a large plastic display case. The Womanizer Starlet is featured in the centre, twist-tied to its mould, with the tagline “your new comer” printed beside it, with “#OrgasmIsAHumanRight” printed above it. This style of case would look great on display at a sex boutique, but unless you want to keep your Womanizer Starlet on display at home it’s not the most practical of cases. This is because it is big, given the tiny size of the Starlet, and the plastic lid doesn’t close shut again properly as it is held shut by sticky security labels. Under the plastic mould, once you have removed the hard plastic lid, you’ll find a little instruction booklet and a tiny USB charger. They really did cut costs everywhere with the Starlet, even the USB cable is much smaller than usual.


The USB cable is a universal charger, the type used for android phones and kindles. This is great for me because I have several of these chargers already, fitted with wall plugs, so I essentially ignored the charger it came with and used my own. To charge it up you need to open the little silicone tab at the base of the Womanizer Starlet to reveal the charging port. Whilst it is charging up a red light around the button will flash on and off. Once the Womanizer Starlet is fully charged this light will stay solidly on. Charging up before your first use should take around 3 hours.


To switch the Womanizer Starlet on, simply hold down the button on the back of the toy for a couple of seconds. It’ll then purr into life on the least intense, most gentle setting. Clicking the button again will increase the intensity, up though the four intensity levels. Once you get to level 4, another click will take you right back to level 1. Hold the button down for a few seconds to turn the Womanizer Starlet off.


For such a small toy, the Womanizer Starlet is surprisingly loud, particularly on the more intense levels. It’s not as loud as a mains powered magic wand, or the Statisfyer pro 2, but still can make quite a racket. Other womanizer models are quieter, but I’m unsure if this is because they have more lower intensity levels, or if its because they have quieter motors. Either way, if you like your sex toys to be almost silent, the Womanizer Starlet is not ideal for you.


As there are only 4 intensity levels, the intensity does seem to jump up quite quickly. It goes from “oh this feels nice….” to “oh my god, so intense!!” with just a single click. This means the Womanizer Starlet is not great for edging, or slow build up, unless you keep it on setting one. When I’ve used it, I’ve tended to stay on  setting one as I kind of warm up, and then click up to setting two when I’m ready to orgasm. Like all the womanizer products of this type that I have tried, it does lead me to have really good, deep, fast, clitoral orgasms. The suction / pulse air technology works extremely well for me.


During use, the Womanizer Starlet can be a little tricky to hold on to, as it is so small. I use my whole hand to cup it in to place, rather than trying to hold its weeny handle. I also struggled to hold on to it during PiV (penis in vagina) sex, and soon gave up on it, although some people may prefer the Womanizer Starlet to use during PiV sex because you could more easily fit it between two bodies. This is true, but these types of clitoral stimulator require precision in placement to yield the optimum orgasmic results, which I find too challenging during the motion of PiV sex with so little to grip.

Although there is only one sized silicone head included, I did find that it was large enough to surround my clit, and I usually have to switch to the bigger head when an extra is included, so I was pretty happy about that.


The Womanizer Starlet is only splash proof, not waterproof, so you cannot take it into the bath or shower, or stick it under the tap or dunk it in the sink to clean it. Instead you need to remove the silicone head, which can be washed thoroughly in soap and warm water, and then wipe down the rest of the Womanizer Starlet with either a sex toy wipe or a clean damp cloth. Once the head is dry you can put it back on and you will be ready to go again.

Overall, the Womanizer Starlet is a good travel sized, more affordable clitoral stimulator. The stimulation it gives is fantastic, but limited. I think the reduced cost reflects this. I wish the case was more suited to storage (or was as small as the Womanizer Starlet), but the Starlet is so small you can easily find another storage solution. Sharing with another (silicone or ABS or glass) toy, perhaps.

If you’d like to buy your own  Womanizer Starlet you can find it here or here.

I’d like to thank Womanizer for providing me with the Womanizer Starlet free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product. 



4 thoughts on “Womanizer Starlet Review

  1. I bought this for my girlfriend. It worked the first time and every time since, quickly and reliably. We’ve struggled in the past to find toys and techniques that work well for her, but with this one she popped in two minutes flat with no prior experience using it.


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