Lovehoney Lingerie: My top picks

You may not know it, but I also review lingerie for Lovehoney, just adding my reviews to their website. Over the years I’ve built up a bit of a collection of sexy outfits. I know that shopping for lingerie online can be a bit overwhelming; it’s difficult to know how it will fit or how good the materials are when looking at pictures. So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites from the Lovehoney collection.

All of the products I’ve included are well made and look good. When I tried to photograph the items, it turns out that I am a rubbish lingerie photographer (it seems I struggle to photograph anything bigger than a dildo). So I’ve only included a few pictures of me, but I’ve included links to the product page where you can view lots of professional images. I only recommend products that I have actually tried and tested, so I am confident in their quality. Some I brought for myself, but most I was sent to review.

Before we get started, you might want to know my size. My height is 167cm. At the moment I am wearing a UK dress size 10 or 12 (usually 12 but some shops that size big I need a 10), and a bra size 32DD. I haven’t been this size for very long though, perhaps 6 months? Before that I was a UK dress size 14 to 16 and wearing a bra size 34DD. I have lost weight due to a major diet change since my diagnosis with PCOS and my attempts to get pregnant. The items I brought earlier were a size L, and the newer ones are a size M. Lovehoney lingerie is great in its adjustability, so I have found that the lingerie has been able to cope with my changing size, but now the size L are too big, particularly in the bra cups, but the size M do still fit me well.

So here we go, my top picks of Lovehoney lingerie!

Lovehoney Seduce Me Silver Push Up Basque


The Lovehoney Silver push up Basque set is my absolute favourite piece of lingerie. It fits me perfectly, the cups have extra padding so they lift my breasts really nicely and it makes me look like I have an hour glass figure. I love the stitching on it, I think the whole thing looks so elegant and beautifully made. It comes with a lovely matching G-string and removable suspenders. I’m often not in the mood to wear stockings so I love that the suspenders can be removed, and that the bones in the basque hold it down so you don’t need to wear stockings. I seriously cannot recommend this beautiful basque enough, it’s my go-to outfit when I want to feel sexy, confident and powerful. If you want to read a more detailed review, you can find mine here. If you want to buy your own, you can  find it here in base size and here in plus size.

Lovehoney Moonlight Plunge Basque in Wine and Green


The Lovehoney moonlight collection is a stunning set of lingerie, and I just happen to be lucky enough to own the plunge basque in both the wine and the green colour schemes. The wine one is a size L so it is too big for me around the cups now but used to fit wonderfully, the green one is a size M so fits me much better. I love the style of the Lovehoney moonlight collection, each has a lovely silky sash that ties around the waist, adding an extra special touch and making it look like my waist is pulled in. The cups aren’t as padded as the Seduce Me Basque, but they still support my breasts well (in the size that fits). There are extra detailing around the straps which gives these basques a feminine delicate feel to them. They have matching g-strings and removable suspender straps. I personally prefer the the wine colour better, but the green is something different and I like it for a change. I wear these basques when I want to feel pretty and feminine. You can find the wine coloured one here in base size and here in plus size. You can  find the green coloured one here in base size and here in plus size.

Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push-Up Basque


The Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Collection is a lovely collection that reminds me of old style burlesque shows, there’s something very Moulin Rouge about it. The cups have extra padding in it and lift my breasts nicely. The deep red centre has a gentle shimmer to the fabric which is really nice. The criss-cross pattern gives the idea of a corset without the uncomfortable experience of actually wearing one. It has removable suspender straps and a matching g-string. The black and red colour scheme just makes me think of sexy things, and I wear this basque when I want to feel sexy in a classic way. You can buy the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Basque here in base size and here in plus size.

Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Basque Set


The Lovehoney Midnight Soiree collection is something a little different. It’s the only lingerie I own with neck detailing which makes it stand out from the crowd. If you don’t always fancy wearing a collar you can unhook it and remove it completely from between the bra cups. Like all the basques, the Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Basque set comes with a matching g-string, with appliqué rose on the back, and removable suspenders. The bra cups have less padding than the other basques, but still support my breasts nicely. You can read my detailed review of this set here. The midnight Lovehoney Midnight Soiree collection has an elegant gothic fairy-tale feel to it in my opinion, and I wear this set when I’m feeling in the mood for a little magic. You can find it in base size here and in plus size here.

Lovehoney Seduce Me Purple Push-Up Basque


The Lovehoney Seduce Me Collection has been really well received and this purple basque is lovely. It’s got the stitching and bows that are signature of the Seduce Me Collection, and an extra long lace panel at the bottom, which I think gives it a more flirty, show-girl look. It, of course, comes with a G-string and detachable suspenders. The G-string is just plain black though, it doesn’t fit in with the look as much as the g-strings from the other lingerie pieces. You can read my detailed review of the Lovehoney Seduce Me Purple push-up basque here. If you’d like to buy your own you can find it in base size here and in plus size here.

I’d like to thanks Lovehoney for sending me the green moonlight basque and the boudoir belle basque in exchange for review.

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