Lovehoney Lingerie: My top picks for Valentine’s day!

For me, Lingerie is a way to feel sexy and confident in the bedroom. I love all the different colours and styles you can get. When I’m shopping for lingerie, I look for good quality materials and build, a design that will look good on me and give me confidence and value for money.  Lovehoney Lingerie ticks all the right boxes for me. All the pieces I have chosen to share with you in this post look and feel great, they are made from lovely material and they would make fantastic gifts, whether you’re treating yourself or a someone special in your life. 

My Measurements

Before we get started, you might want to know my size. My height is 167cm. At the moment I am wearing a UK dress size 10 or 12 (usually 12 but some shops that size big I need a 10), and a bra size 32DD. I haven’t been this size for very long though, perhaps 6 months? Before that I was a UK dress size 14 to 16 and wearing a bra size 34DD. I have lost weight due to a major diet change since my diagnosis with PCOS and my attempts to get pregnant. Every item pictured here is a size M, or one (base) size of UK 8-16, except for the Moonlight Basque in wine  which is an L.  Lovehoney lingerie is great in its adjustability, so I have found that the lingerie has been able to cope with my changing size, but now the size L are too big, particularly in the bra cups, but the size M do still fit me well.

If you’re buying for someone else…

The best way to know someone’s size is to peek at their labels. You want to look at a bra and a piece of clothing that fits them well. There’s no point looking at a loose fitting t-shirt or something like that because you won’t know if its loose because it is too big or if it’s just the style. I have also some lingerie recommendations that are adjustable, so will fit a range of sizes.

So here we go, my top picks of Lovehoney lingerie!


Basques are always my favourite Lingerie pieces. This is because I wear my weight on my belly, and I love to show off my breast. Basques give me the illusion of an hour glass figure, whilst supporting (and in some cases, enhancing) my breasts. The boning gives me a good shape, without the extremes of a proper corset. They are also so pretty! Here’s a few of my favourites. 

Lovehoney Moonlight Plunge Basque 

The Lovehoney moonlight collection is a stunning set of lingerie, and I just happen to be lucky enough to own the plunge basque in both the wine and the green colour schemes. The wine one is a size L so it is too big for me around the cups now but used to fit wonderfully, the green one is a size M so fits me much better. I love the style of the Lovehoney moonlight collection, each has a lovely silky sash that ties around the waist, adding an extra special touch and making it look like my waist is pulled in. The cups aren’t padded enough to push up but they still support my breasts well (in the size that fits). There are extra detailing around the straps which gives these basques a feminine delicate feel to them. They have matching g-strings and removable suspender straps. I personally prefer the the wine colour better, but the green is something different and I like it for a change. I wear these basques when I want to feel pretty and feminine. You can find the wine coloured one here in base size and here in plus size. You can  find the green coloured one here in base size and here in plus size.

Lovehoney Seduce Me Push Up Basque

The Lovehoney Silver push up Basque set is my absolute favourite piece of lingerie. It fits me perfectly, the cups have extra padding so they lift my breasts really nicely and it makes me look like I have an hour glass figure. I love the stitching on it, I think the whole thing looks so elegant and beautifully made. It comes with a lovely matching G-string and removable suspenders. I’m often not in the mood to wear stockings so I love that the suspenders can be removed, and that the bones in the basque hold it down so you don’t need to wear stockings. I seriously cannot recommend this beautiful basque enough, it’s my go-to outfit when I want to feel sexy, confident and powerful. If you want to read a more detailed review, you can find mine here. If you want to buy your own, you can  find it here in base size and here in plus size.

I also have the Seduce Me Basque in Purple. It’s got the stitching and bows that are signature of the Seduce Me Collection, and an extra long lace panel at the bottom, which I think gives it a more flirty, show-girl look. It, of course, comes with a G-string and detachable suspenders. The G-string is just plain black though, it doesn’t fit in with the look as much as the g-strings from the other lingerie pieces. You can read my detailed review of the Lovehoney Seduce Me Purple push-up basque here. If you’d like to buy your own you can find it in base size here and in plus size here.

Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Basque Set

The Lovehoney Midnight Soiree collection is something a little different. It’s the only lingerie I own with neck detailing which makes it stand out from the crowd. If you don’t always fancy wearing a collar you can unhook it and remove it completely from between the bra cups. Like all the basques, the Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Basque set comes with a matching g-string, with appliqué rose on the back, and removable suspenders. The bra cups have less padding than the other basques, but still support my breasts nicely. You can read my detailed review of this set here. The midnight Lovehoney Midnight Soiree collection has an elegant gothic fairy-tale feel to it in my opinion, and I wear this set when I’m feeling in the mood for a little magic. You can find it in base size here and in plus size here.

Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Push-Up Basque

The Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Collection is a lovely collection that reminds me of old style burlesque shows, there’s something very Moulin Rouge about it. The cups have extra padding in it and lift my breasts nicely. The deep red centre has a gentle shimmer to the fabric which is really nice. The criss-cross pattern gives the idea of a corset without the uncomfortable experience of actually wearing one. It has removable suspender straps and a matching g-string. The black and red colour scheme just makes me think of sexy things, and I wear this basque when I want to feel sexy in a classic way. You can buy the Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Basque here in base size and here in plus size.

Bra Sets

The great thing about sexy bra sets is you can wear them under your regular clothing as a sexy secret, or as a surprise for later if you’re on a date night. They are also versatile, so can used to create a range of looks. Here’s a few of my favourite bra sets.

Lovehoney Boudoir Belle Cherry Quarter Cup Bra Set

That lovely Boudoir Belle Basque also comes in a super sexy quarter cup bra set. The plus size version. of this piece is a little different, it’s a longline full cup push-up bra and suspender knickers. I’m not sure why this is the case, but it does look equally lovely. This was actually my first time trying a quarter cup bra, and I absolutely loved it! It meant my breasts were pushed up and supported during sex, but my nipples were completely out for some nipple play, which I love. The thong is crotchless so you can keep the whole set on during sex, and this set looks great with or without the suspender belt. You can find it here in base size and here in plus size

Lovehoney Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Bra Set

Much like the  Midnight Soiree Basque, this bra set is unique. I was expecting two parts to the lower half; a suspender belt and a thong, but in this set the two are built together, in way that actually works. I usually don’t like suspender knickers, because they usually don’t do a good job of holding up stockings, or worse: the stockings end up pulling the knickers down and you have to keep howking them up again. This set is different, because the thong goes up so high and because it is so adjustable, you can get it to just the right fit. The many straps on the sides are all elasticated and all have sliders that adjust, so this is a good piece to choose if you only have a rough idea of someone’s size and you’re buying it as a gift. The thong is also crotchless, so you don’t need to take it off for sex.  The bra doesn’t have much padding, so doesn’t push up, but it is nice and comfortable to wear, and the collar is something a bit different and can be removed if you want to wear it just as a standard bra. You can buy it here in base size and here in plus size.

Lovehoney Treasure Me Longline Underwired Bra Set

Treasure Me Longline Bra

I love the retro beauty of longline bras and high waisted knickers. The Lovehoney Treasure me Longline bra sets give me everything I want to feel and look good. They zip closed (or open) at the front, making them super easy to get on or off, but meaning the band isn’t adjustable so you’d need to know your size for this one. I found the M a little loose for my band size (32), but its comfortable to wear and still gives me a bit of support. The purple version I’ve pictured is now only available in plus size here, but you can get it in wine in base size here and plus size here or grey in base size here and plus size here

Lovehoney Red Underwired Halterneck Bra and Suspender Set

This set is fantastic if you don’t know someone’s size. All of it adjust with sliders, including the g-string, or ties at the height you want. I think the halter-neck top of this set makes my breasts look better than any of my other sets, I was really impressed with it. It looks great and is really comfortable and supportive to wear. It’s also super revealing, being made of see through lace. It is one size, so you’d only need to know if the person you want to gift usually wears base or plus-sized clothing. Buy it here in base size and here in plus size

Babydolls and Chemises

If you’re looking for the ultimate in lingerie comfort, as in: this is so comfortable I could just about fall asleep in it, then babydolls and chemises are your friends. Comfort is something I really value, and the pieces I’ve picked out here are not only lovely to wear, but they make me feel super sexy and feminine. 

Lovehoney Moonlight Blue Plunge Babydoll Set

I adore this baby doll! The cups are padded and lift my breasts nicely, the straps adjust so I can get the right level of support. The material is a wonderful silky satin which feels deliciously sexy against my bare skin, and the lace middle section helps my figure to look more hour glass shaped without the need for uncomfortable boning. The matching satin g-string just finishes the look off nicely. I feel wonderful when I’m wearing this babydoll, and it is definitely comfortable enough to sleep in. I also love the midnight blue colour, it makes a change from all of my red, black and purple, and it turns out I look great in blue! You can buy it here in base size and here in plus size. You can also buy it in wine colour.

Lovehoney Treasure Me Purple Underwired Plunge Chemise Set

I’ve had this chemise a while now but it is still a firm favourite. I love how the central panel contrasts with the black surround, giving me the illusion of an hour glass figure. The bra cups are sort of half cup, with the lace making them almost full, but I do find my nipples are usually out under the lace part. There’s not much padding in the cups, so this chemise doesn’t push up. You can wear it with or without suspenders and stockings, and it does stay down without them. Without the stockings, this one is also comfortable enough to sleep in. Buy it here in base size and here in plus size

If you’re not a fan of purple, you can also get this chemise in Leopard print in base size and plus size,  red in base size and plus size, and black in base size and plus size

Lovehoney Unwrap Me Lace Babydoll

The Lovehoney Unwrap me lace babydoll is another great choice if you are unsure of the size of the person you want to buy lingerie for. It’s really simple but effective in design; it just ties behind the neck and together at the front. It is very floaty and feminine and very comfortable to wear, and easy to take off. I like how it swooshes around when I move. This babydoll is the only piece that doesn’t come with any matching knickers or thong, which is a shame because you need some to complete the look. You can buy some unwrap me lace knickers or thong separately. It comes in a range of different colours, so you can pick what you think would suit you best.

Buy the red one here in base size and here in plus size.

Buy the white one here in base size and here in plus size.

Buy the purple one here in base size and here in plus size.

Buy the black one here in base size and here in plus size.


I love my sexy robe! Robes are great if you don’t know someone’s size, since the one size really will fit most. They can be worn with lingerie under or nothing at all if you want to be super seductive. They act as an extra layer to remove, which is great if you enjoy the tease of slowly undressing. In an more practical sense, they offer an extra layer of warmth, which you might need if you’re in the northern hemisphere as its the dead of winter right now. 

Lovehoney Flaunt Me Lace Robe


The flaunt me lace robe is really lovely to wear. I’ve got it in black, which goes with everything, but you can also get it in red for a more vibrant look. It reaches to just below my butt in length, and it ties shut with in inner little tie and also a long stain belt. The belt means you can draw the robe in at the waist to create a nice figure. The sleeves are loose and flowing, and only 3/4 length. The lace is lovely and sexy and see through, so you can still show off your body and any lingerie you might be wearing under it. I love this robe, I wear it regularly over a whole range of lingerie, and in the summer time I’ll just wear it over my pyjamas as an everyday robe. Buy it here in base size and here in plus size. It is also available in red in base size and plus size

Hello, I choose not to remove my body hair, which you may have noticed in some of these pictures. Want to know what that’s all about? Have a read of this post.

I’d like to thank Lovehoney for sending me the majority of these pieces over the years in exchange for review. This did not alter my opinion of the products.


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  1. Sorry if this is double, WordPress id being a pain. Just wanted to say that I love the collar thing on the Midnight Soiree Blue Floral Bra Set, which you totally rock (and the halter bra and the color purple!). I tried Lovehoney’s satin robe and it was boxy and meh. THe lace one looks so much nicer!

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