Gift Guide: My top Sex Toy picks for Valentine’s Day 2019

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I first wrote this gift guide for Valentine’s Day 2018, but a year has passed and I’ve tried and tested some more fantastic sex toys so this guide has been updated specially for 2019. Some sex toys have lost out to better products, as the industry keeps on giving us great quality products. So this is sort of my “best of” collection, but with a slant towards gift-giving.

I have tried, tested and enjoyed every single product in this blog post. This isn’t just a list of good deals or things I think might be good. These products are high quality and I think they would each make a fantastic gift for a lover. There are, however, so many other fantastic products to choose from. These just happen to be products I have got my hands on and have fallen in love with. Before we start, here’s a bit of advice when buying sex toys for someone.

How to buy Sex Toys as a gift

If your Valentine has no sex toys to your knowledge, please proceed with caution. It’s much better to have a frank and honest conversation about sex toys rather than blindsiding them with a gift they do not want. Worse than this, to receive a sex toy when you have expressed no interest in them may be perceived as sexual pressure. I’m sure the last thing you want is to make your loved one feel pressure into trying something they are not comfortable with.

If you know they like sex toys, first of all it’s a good idea to see if they have a wishlist. That’ll give you a good idea of the kind of product they will be looking for, and what they really want. If they don’t have a wishlist that you are aware of, it’s time to get your detective cap on. Have a look at the products they already own, and take note of what gets used regularly. Do they like insertable toys (dildos, g-spot vibrators, prostate massages, butt plugs) or external toys (massagers, bullets, strokers, wands)? Or both? For external vibes, do they like precise vibrations, bullet vibes, for example, or broad stimulation as in Magic Wands? For internal vibes, take note of the sizes, are they small or large? There’s no point getting someone a butt plug that is far too large for them to enjoy.  For dildos, do they like relatic looking or not? Do they prefer vibrations or static? All of this information will really help you to make a purchase.

The safest way to buy (other than buying off a wishlist), is what I call the luxury upgrade. If you know they have a trusted vibe that they love to use over and over again, find out what the best one of those things is on the market and buy it for them. For example, if they have a cheap, rubber battery powered rabbit vibe, get them a high end USB rechargeable silicone one. It’s thoughtful because it shows you noticed what they like and tried to get them a really good version of it.

Onwards, to my recommendations!

My top Sex Toy picks for Valentine’s Day 2019

1. Doxy Die Cast Wand Vibrator


This is top of my list for so many reasons. Wand’s make fantastic gifts because they are versatile. You can use them for massage (this one is fantastic for getting knots out of my back). You can use them for sex. You can get a variety of attachments to transform them into different kinds of toys. They really are a fantastic product. I recommend the Doxy Die Cast in particular because they are well made, the motors are excellent, the head is silicone, there are multiple vibration functions, they come with special purpose built storage boxes, and the casting is beautiful. Mine is red and glittery and I LOVE it. You can also get it in purple, black, gold, white and silver. Buy it here (UK), here (USA) or here (Aus).

2. Liberator Hipster


This is not a sex toy, per se, it’s sex furniture. Last year I recommended the Liberator Wedge, which is still a fantastic product, but the Liberator Hipster is just so much bigger and better! It is probably my favourite piece of bedroom kit. It is so supportive, so soft, so well designed, I just can’t sing its praises enough! The soft cover is machine washable, so its easy to keep clean. It helps me and my partner get into more exciting sex positions, its great for long oral sex sessions and I love it for deep, fast, rear entry PiV sex. With a lot of use, the firm foam interior doesn’t show any signs of wearing out. The only downside to this product is it is big so you’ll need space to store it. Buy it here or read my full review here.

3. We-Vibe Anniversary Collection


Last year I recommended the We-Vibe Sync (and I still do), it’s a really fantastic product! But if your lover has a vulva and you want to treat them to something really special, go a step further and get them the We-Vibe Anniversary Collection.  Not only do you get the  We-Vibe Sync , you also get the queen of all rumbly bullet vibrators, the We-Vibe Tango and a fancy storage case and charging station! The We-Vibe Sync is designed to be worn during penis in vagina (or dildo in vagina) sex. One arm rests inside the vagina, stimulating the g-spot, the other against the clitoris. This was a product I was worried wouldn’t work for me, and I think there is some risk that it won’t fit your (or your partner’s) anatomy. However, I got on great with it, I love the rumbly vibrations, and that my partner’s penis firmly pushes the vibrations into my g-spot. I even enjoy using it for some hands free solo play. The We-Vibe Tango is a powerful, rumbly bullet vibrator hailed to be the favourite vibrator of so many sex toy lovers! Buy this wonderful set here or here.

4. We-Vibe Ditto Butt Plug


Whilst we’re talking about we-vibe products, I have to mention my favourite butt plug: the we-vibe ditto! This petite silicone butt plug has amazing rumbly vibrations. You can control it using a remote control and app so you don’t have to fiddle trying to push buttons down there. It’s a beautiful shape and made of wonderfully smooth silicone and fully waterproof. It would make a fantastic upgrade for someone who is just getting in to butt plugs. It’s also beautifully presented, perfect for a gift. Buy it here or here.

5. Tracey Cox Glass Dildo Set


This product I think is one of the best deals on the market. You get not one, but two beautiful glass dildos, each with its own black velvet storage bag. There’s a thin, beaded and curved, clear one and a thicker bulbous pink one. I’ve had mine a long time and I never tire of using them. There’s something so simple and pleasurable about them. I love the clear one as an anal dildo and the pink one as a vaginaal dildo, but you can use them however you please. They can be heated up or cooled down using water for some lovely temperature play. Buy them here (UK) or here (USA) or here (Aus).

6. Womanizer Premium


I absolutely adore Womanizer products, and the premium is, in my opinion, the best of the best! If you want to see my thoughts on all the Womanizer products, check out my comparison post. The Womanizer premium is the only one with a really clever smart silence mode, where it only makes a sound when the end is in contact with something. The sensations I get on my clit from the Womanizer premium are incredible, the controls are really easy to use and it’s got a great range of intensities so you can tailor it to your sensitivity and how you’re feeling in the moment. It comes in black, red or white, so you can pick the one you like the look of best. Buy it here or here.

7. Lovehoney Desire Rabbit Vibrator


Out of all the Rabbit vibrators out there, this one is my favourite. It never fails to make me orgasm, sometimes in record time. Its rumbly vibrations just hit all the right notes with my body. It is fully waterproof and made of high quality purple silicone. It’s rechargeable and it comes with a purpose built storage case that I love. Rabbit vibes can be hit and miss, this one feels like it was built for my anatomy. It is beautifully presented and would make a great gift. Buy it here (UK), here (USA) and here (Aus).

8. Njoy Pure Wand


If you are looking for a wonderfully sleek, beautifully presented, solid, heavy and durable dildo, look no further than njoy. They make beautiful, top of the range stainless steel sex toys, and I’m lucky enough to have the ingeniously shaped Pure Wand. This curved steel dildo is shaped so well and is so heavy that I barely have to work at all to reach and wonderfully satisfying G-Spot orgasm. Many people have also said it’s their top pick for a sex toy that can make them squirt too. If you are in to prostate play, the njoy Pure Wand can apply amazing pressure to the prostate and I’ve been informed that this feels incredible. You also get a lovely hard storage case. Buy it here or here.

9. Njoy Pure Plug


I didn’t want to just focus on dildos from njoy when they have also created a wonderful stainless-steel butt plug. The njoy butt plug is smooth, firm and has a satisfying weight to it. The people at njoy really know what they are doing when it comes to the shape of sex toys, as the njoy butt plug is shaped perfectly for comfort and stimulation. It is my absolute favourite non-vibrating butt plug to wear. I’ve also been told its a great shape for people who have prostates. It comes in four sizes to suit all tastes and experience level: small, mediumlarge and extra large. I have the small because I prefer small anal toys, but I think I could have brought the medium as the small  really is small! Buy them in whichever size suits you best here or here.

10. Womanizer InsideOut


I just couldn’t resist adding one more Womanizer product to this list! But this one is so different! The Womanizer InsideOut is a rabbit-style vibrator with the signature Womanizer suction / air pulse technology. I adore it! The internal arm has love rumbly vibrations that my vagina really responds to, and the clitoral stimulator feels divine. I’ve had some of my best and laziest orgasms when using this toy! My only complaint is the buttons that control it can be confusing because they are too close together. Like all rabbit-style vibrators, you have to get lucky with anatomy, but for me the Womanizer InsideOut works wonderfully. Buy it  here or here or read my full review here.

11. The We-Vibe Discover Gift Box

Not sure what your partner would like, or you want to treat them to a range of fun sexy treats? Then the We-Vibe Discover Gift Box is for you, particularly if your partner has a vulva! It has 10 little boxes, each one with a different treat inside. Some of the highlights include the Womanizer Starlet and the We-Vibe Tango, plus you get a battery powered wearable vibrator in the same style as (yet not as high quality) the We-Vibe Sync! Also included are a feather tickler, sex dice, a silky restraint / blindfold (depending on what you want to use it for), a silicone kegel ball, lube, a lovely massage candle and a silicone butt plug that you can slot the tango into to make it into a vibrating plug! The We-Vibe Discover Gift Box is an absolutely fantastic collection of sex toys, and I cannot think of a better collection available. It’s romantic and fun and luxurious and indulgent, everything you look for in a perfect Valentine’s gift. Buy it here.


Have you found this guide useful? Then please use the links in this post when you come to make a purchase (it helps if you clear your cookies first). I will make a small commission at no extra cost to yourself, which helps me to keep blogging and writing guides such as this. You can also donate to my blog at any time via Paypal.

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