Womanizer Liberty Review

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The womanizer Liberty is womanizer‘s latest in travel-sized clitoral stimulation. It’s bigger and better than the Starlet, and much less comical than the 2Go (although I still love the 2Go, the shape of that comic giant lipstick just really works for me, both for positioning and for holding on it). Unlike the first two attempts at travel-friendly, the womanizer Liberty has a plus and minus button so you can up and down the 6 intensity levels, making it easier to tailor the stimulation level during use. It also is the first one to come with a travel bag, which is something I really appreciate.


The womanizer Liberty comes in a stylish box with a clear window cut out in the front so you can see the product clearly. There are some simple features outlined on the back in multiple languages. When you open up the box, you’ll find a separate little cardboard box containing all the extra bits. The womanizer Liberty I received is the Pink Rose version, and the whole box is very pink and feminine to match the style of the product.

What’s Inside the Box?


Inside the box you’ll get the womanizer Liberty, complete with magnetic lid (I’m calling it a “lid” for want of a better descriptive word, its a piece of shaped plastic that magnetises on the front of womanizer Liberty to protect it), magnetic USB charging cable, a larger silicone head, a cloth storage pouch and a little multi-lingual instruction booklet.

First Impressions


My first impressions of the womanizer Liberty are good, I can see it is bigger than the Starlet, but it is still very light-weight and compact. The case is also very light-weight, and only held on by magnets, which seem a little flimsy, but it’s better than nothing and when also put in to the storage bag I think the case will do a good job of keeping the front dust free and preventing any of the buttons being pushed during transit.

The womanizer Liberty is mainly made from ABS plastic, with a silicone stimulation head. The silicone head can be removed and replaced. I do love that womanizer recognise that clitorises are different sizes and that they thought to include two different sized silicone heads to help you get the best fit.

The rose pink and white colour scheme is very pretty and not at all garish, and you can also buy the womanizer Liberty in Red Wine, Powder Blue, or Lilac.

Charging Up


The magnetic charger is a great feature. It allows the womanizer Liberty to charge without running the risk of water being able to get inside the toy, as is the case with pin or micro USB style chargers. This is an improvement on the Starlet and 2Go models.

The magnetic is good too, I had no problems clipping it on and getting it to stay in the right place. The other end I plugged in to a USB wall plug. Inside the head of the womanizer Liberty will flash with a pale white light when the womanizer Liberty is charging. This light is difficult to see in daylight, I had to cup my hands around it to see it. Once the womanizer Liberty is fully charged the light will stay on constantly. For the first charge, this took a couple of hours.

Features and Controls


There are only two buttons on the womanizer Liberty, a top plus button and a lower minus button. I like that they made the plus button larger, because it makes it slightly easier to find by touch alone. The controls are simple: the plus button acts as an on/off switch, you just hold it down to do either. Once on, clicking the plus or the minus button will increase or decrease the intensity level respectively. As there are only 6 intensity levels to choose from this is a sensible and easy to use design. However, I do find myself still automatically holding down the minus button when I’m trying to turn the womanizer Liberty off, but it’s not long until I remember how it works.

The white light inside the silicone head of the womanizer Liberty will come on with the toy. The vibration levels start off very gentle and gradually increase through the six levels. As I am a fan of the more gentle modes on womanizer products, I really love that the designers have favoured the lower intensity levels, which is unlike the 2Go. If you like more intensity, levels 5 and 6 are still pretty throbbingly strong, but it doesn’t go for it quite as much as the full-sized, more expensive womanizer premium  or inside out.

Another great improvement for the womanizer Liberty is that it is much much quieter than the Starlet and the 2Go, even on its more intense levels. This is a real bonus if you need your sex toys to be discreet.

Using the Womanizer Liberty


In use, I got on well with the womanizer Liberty whilst using it solo. I love the kind of clitoral stimulation womanizer product’s provide, it feels like somewhere between gentle tapping and sucking, and it never fails to make me come. Intensity levels 1 to 3 were really gentle and I really enjoyed scrolling up and down through the three of them, edging myself to a delicious orgasm.

However, there is a big jump in intensity between levels 4 and 5, it goes from “mmm, this is nice…” to “Whoa! Someone’s whacking on my clit!” which is kind of a shock when you don’t expect it.  It actually made my body react in a really strong way, tensing all of my muscles and sort of forcing the orgasm from me. Don’t get me wrong, this was fun, but it cut short what I had been expecting to be a more drawn out session. I can understand why it was designed this way; with only 6 levels of intensity, you’ve either got to keep the jumps small but stay at one end of the spectrum, either more or less intense, or have a bigger jump somewhere so you can include the gentle and the more intense levels. I’m not sure which choice is better here. The 2Go, starts off more intense and ignores the weaker levels, and I missed the warm up with that model. I also think that if they hadn’t included some proper intense power for levels 5 and 6, some more power-hungry clits would have been disappointed, so what we’re left with is a middle ground.

I also tried using the womanizer Liberty during PiV (penis in vagina) sex. The problem I had with it was that it is so small, and it gets smaller and smaller towards the base, meaning that during sex there is not much to hold on to. When I am masturbating, it’s size isn’t a problem at all, I can cup it over my clit and move it very, very slightly to get the exact stimulation I need. During PiV sex though, I’m being moved unpredictably by a partner, and the womanizer Liberty is so small and light and smooth, it just slips out of place too easily, and with this kind of toy you need to be precise or it does nothing for you. I did eventually manage to make it work, in a very slow spooning position (but I have my top leg hooked back over my partner so that I could access my clit), with not much motion. This lead me to have a fantastic orgasm, whilst my penis possessing partner patiently stayed slow until I had come.

Clean Up and Storage

Cleaning the Womanizer Liberty is really easy, because it is 100% waterproof, and the magnetic style of charger gives me confidence that I won’t damage the Womanizer Liberty by washing it thoroughly. I just wash it after each use with soap and warm water, taking care to rinse it afterwards. I also like that you can remove the silicone head, sometimes I do this to all my womanizer products and sterilize the heads in a baby bottle sterilising fluid.

After careful drying with a lint-free cloth, I snap the lid back on to the Womanizer Liberty and pop it in its cloth bag, alongside its charger for safe keeping. Although the magnet on the lid seems a little flimsy, I’ve tested it by holding on the the back of the Womanizer Liberty whilst the lid is attached and shaking it around to see if the lid flies off. I found out that it does come off if you shake it violently (so probably would if you dropped it), but not if you shake it a bit. So it’s good enough for hanging out in your bag, which is what its designed for. Be very careful not to pick the Womanizer Liberty up by the lid though, I learnt the hard way that if you do this the toy will immediately fall off, because the magnetic is not strong enough to hold the weight of the toy (it can only hold the weight of the much lighter lid).

Once closed up, the Womanizer Liberty doesn’t really look like anything at all, it certainly doesn’t scream sex toy, but its not trying to hide as any other object either. You could call that discreet, but if you plan is to leave it lying around where other people can get it, good luck trying to explain what it is if you don’t want them to know its a sex toy.



To sum up, I really like the Womanizer Liberty. It is pretty and compact, I love the charging system and that it comes with a lid and a storage bag. It’s been improved from the previous small models by including a quieter motor that starts off more gentle, and by having two control buttons which allow you to increase and decrease the intensity during use. For solo use, it’s fantastic, I love the stimulation and it can quickly get me to orgasm. However, due to its small size and very small handle, I find the Womanizer Liberty a little tricky to hold on to during PiV sex, so it isn’t the best for this purpose. There’s also a big jump in intensity between levels 4 and 5, which is jarring, especially if you don’t expect it.

If you’d like to buy your on Womanizer Liberty, you can find it here or here.

I’d like to thank womanizer for providing me with the womanizer Liberty free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product.


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