Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma Review

The Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma is by far the best Rocks-Off product I have tried in a long time. The shape perfectly understands the anatomy of the G-spot, making it both intensely stimulating and effortless to use. It’s made almost entirely of smooth black silicone, with some ABS metallic detailing. It is completely waterproof and USB rechargeable via a magnetic charging port. Overall, this is a damn good rabbit vibe from Rocks-Off.



The Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma comes in a sturdy and stylish cardboard box. The outer sleeve has the product pictured on the front and a description of the vibrator on the back. This sleeve can be removed to reveal a plain, much more discreet black box, with ENIGMA embossed in gold along one edge and the Rocks-Off logo pictured in the centre of the box. The side that says ENIGMA lifts up, so you open the main box like a book. This edge is magnetic to keep it closed.


Once you open up the box you’ll find a thin piece of cardboard is covering the product. On the top lid is a little envelope-type slot, where you can find the instruction booklet and 1 year warranty that comes with all Rocks-Off products. Beneath the cardboard cover the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma sits nestled in some black foam, alongside a USB charging cable. I do like the packaging, everything is neat and well made, and you could use the box for long term storage, although I would throw away the flimsy cardboard sleeves that cover everything. The foam is not the highest quality either, but it will do the job of keeping the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma protected.

First Impressions


My first impressions of the Rock-Off Fuzion Enigma are good. The silicone feels lovely and velverty soft to the touch and I can’t see any obvious seams. The shape looks really interesting to me, and I can see straight away how it would work. One thing I find very odd though, is that the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma is in two halves. You need to screw them together before you can do anything. You need to take care to line up the plastic ridges correctly or it won’t twist together, and make sure you don’t force it or you might damage it.

I have tried two other sex toys that came part like this; the Coco De Mer Emmeline Pleasure Wand and the Tickler Snazzy Clitoral Vibrator. Both of these products needed to be taken apart to charge them, but the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma doesn’t. The charging port is outside, so I don’t understand why you can  twist it apart at all: why not just make the toy solid? I had issues with the Tickler Snazzy getting water inside it because it twisted apart (it was supposed to be waterproof), and I don’t understand why Rocks-Off would risk that as a problem when there is no need for the toy to be able to twist apart. The only possible reason I can think of for this design, is that they are planning to market several different “heads” that you can attach to the same battery pack (which is essentially what the handle is). That would make sense, given the toy is named “Fuzion”, I imagine you’ll be able to buy several products to fuze to the base.

Charging Up


You need to charge the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma before your first use. To do so, make sure both ends are attached together. Then attach the USB charger to the side of the base of the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma at the magnetic port. It’ll only go on in one direction, so if it won’t attach just flip it around. Plug the other end into any USB port, I used a wall plug. The magnet isn’t the strongest, so you’ll need to place it carefully down and check the base of the toy for the charging lights. All of the buttons glow with  a red light when it is charging. Once the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma is fully charged, the lights will flash on and off. This is backwards to most sex toys, and I’m not sure why Rock-Off programmed it this way (to be different, maybe?) but it doesn’t really matter, as long as you remember: flashing lights means fully charged, solid lights means charging. Be patient for this first charge, it needs to charge all the way up, which takes at least an hour.

Controls and Functions


The Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma has five control buttons, all on the very bottom of the handle. The central button is a simple on/off switch, you need to hold it down for a few seconds until the lights under each button glow red to turn the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma on, and hold down for another few seconds to turn it off. The remaining four buttons control the vibration settings on the two motors. The top two arrows (nearest to the back of the toy) control the smaller, clitoral stimulator, the bottom two arrows control the main shaft of the toy.

There are ten vibration settings and they are identical for each motor. You use the arrow buttons to scroll through the ten functions, which means you can scroll in both directions and get to the setting you like the most quicker. This way of control also means you can have the two motor on different settings at the same time, which is a feature I really appreciate because it recognises that the best stimulation mode for my clit may be different to the one for my G-spot. The first three settings are constant vibrations, each more intense than the last, the remaining severn are all patterns, starting with three pulse mode, each with quicker pulses than the last, then there are four, somewhat odd, rhythmic patterns. Still, if you like patterns there are plenty to play around with. All of these settings are loud. There’s nothing particularly quiet about the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma, which is often the price you pay for power and multiple motors. If it is important that you are very very quiet when using sex toys, this is not the ideal product for you.

The Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma also has a memory function, which means that whichever setting you last turned it off at, that’s the setting it comes back on at. I personally don’t like memory functions at all, because they don’t understand how most people use vibrators; the last setting you had it on is not usually the same as the one you’d like to warm up with. Still given that you can scroll through the settings in both directions, it’s not too annoying to get it back to setting you want after you’ve turned it on.

Using the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma


In use, the shape of the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma really worked for me. The dual motors are really powerful and the bulbous end of the shaft pushed in to my G-spot with minimal effort. At first the clitoral arm wasn’t doing much for me, but when I started rocking the handle back and fourth it rubbed against my clit perfectly, really adding to my pleasure. The internal arm was really the star of the show though, the pressure it put on my G-spot, combined with the powerful motor, brought me almost effortlessly to a wonderfully strong orgasm.

The handle of the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma has some pretty designs carved in to the sides of the silicone. At first I thought these were just decorative, but I think they actually help with grip, as sex toys can often get slippery during use. The controls are easily within reach of my thumb, and the arrows are raised so you can easily find them by touch alone. However, when there are four buttons it is easy to forget which does what in the heat of the moment, and I have often pressed the wrong one and changed the setting on the wrong stimulator or in the direction. Its not too much of a problem though, and I do prefer having the ability to control the motors independently.

Clean Up


Clean up is easy because the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma is fully waterproof. I just washed it in warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Make sure both parts are securely fitted together when you wash it though, because I think water would damage the insides of the toy. I did test the waterproof claim by dunking the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma switched on in to a sink full of water, and there was no damage and no water got inside where the two halves join. The charging cable is not waterproof and shouldn’t go anywhere near water.

The ridges on the handle take a little more cleaning, I have a toothbrush that I only use for sex toy cleaning tricky areas such as this one. The silicone of the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma easily gathers dust, it’s a bit of a nightmare really, so it would have been nice if there was a lint free storage bag included. However, you can use the box it came in, just make sure you give it a wash before you use it again.



To sum up, I really like the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma. It’s shape and motors work perfectly with my body, I love the angle of the handle, it makes G-spot orgasms effortless, and that is an impressive feat. The materials and build of the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma  are high quality, and the packing is lovely. The only thing I dislike is that it comes apart, because I think there is a higher risk of damaging the toy. I also would have liked a storage bag and I’m not a fan of memory functions, but these points are minor. If you’re looking for a rabbit vibrator that will give you intense G-spot pleasure I’d gladly recommend the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma.

You can buy your own Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma here.

I recieved the Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma from Rocks-Off free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product.

2 thoughts on “Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma Review

  1. I ordered mine and it arrived in the box exactly as you described but nothing was sealed. That is, did the box originally arrive without plastic around the box in its entirety? It makes me nervous to use because I feel that without any kind of plastic, this was possibly a return from a previous customer.


  2. I can’t remember sorry. If you brought it direct from rocks off I wouldn’t expect them to ever re sell returns. However if you have any concerns I would recommend contacting customer care.


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