Womanizer Duo Review

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The Womanizer Duo is the latest luxury sex toy from WOW tech group (who also produce We-Vibe products). It’s basically a new and improved version of the Womanizer InsideOut, with a much better name and exciting new features. What better way to start this review than to do a brief comparison of these two products so you can see what’s changed.

The Womanizer Duo vs. Womanizer InsideOut

Womaizer Duo & InsideOut
Womaizer InsideOut (left) and Duo (right)

On first impressions the Womanizer Duo is bigger than the InsideOut (by 1.5 inches, if you’re interested). This is down to the vibrating arm being slightly longer and a little straighter. The vibrating arm of the Womanizer Duo also has a thicker, more bulbous head with a gradual taper tip; a shape that’s often used in G-spot sex toys.

Womanizer Duo and InsideOut
Womanizer Duo and InsideOut

The next obvious difference are the buttons. Womanizer have made a good attempt at improving the ease of use by making what each button does clearer on the Womanizer Duo (my main complaint about the Womanizer InsideOut was that the buttons were confusing and hard to tell apart). The Womanizer Duo has a separate On/Off switch located at the back, and it has little pictures that indicate which part of the Duo those buttons control, instead of just a plus symbol. There is also a raised piece of silicone dividing the clitoral stimulator controls from the vibrating arm controls, which helps you to tell them apart during use.

Finally, the Womanizer Duo has two extra features that the Womanizer InsideOut did not have. The first is smart silence, which before now was only used on the Womanizer Premium. This feature means it only vibrates (and as such, makes any noise) when the head of the clitoral stimulator is in contact with something. The second new feature is  that vibrating arm now has the option of ten different patterns which you can scroll through using a separate button from the ones that control intensity of vibration. Overall, I think the design of the Womanizer Duo is a good improvement from the Womanizer InsideOut.


The Womanizer Duo comes in lovely packaging. It is a sturdy cardboard box with the Womanizer Duo visible through a window on the front and pictured on the back alongside a description of the basic features. The box matches the colour scheme of the Womanizer Duo.


The centre of the box pulls out like a drawer using a little looped ribbon (once you have removed the “hygiene seals”). Inside, everything is arranged neatly and safely, with the Womanizer Duo safely nestled in a plastic mould. An instruction booklet is placed across two little square sections that contain the cloth storage bag and a small box that contains the charging cable. Everything is stylish, sturdy and practical, and I really like it.

What you get

Womanizer Duo

Inside the box you get the Womanizer Duo and a lovely cloth storage pouch to keep it in which has gold Womanizer charms on the draw strings; a nice little touch that makes it stand out from the crowd. You also get a larger silicone head for the clitoral stimulator, I really do appreciate that Womanizer products understand that not all clitorises are the same size and encourage you to try both sizes to find out which is best for your anatomy. There’s also a magnetic USB charger and an instruction booklet.

The Womanizer Duo is almost entirely coated in lovely velverty soft silicone, it feels lovely and soft to the touch but has a little friction so water based lube will be needed. The Womanizer Duo I received to test is a very pleasing deep red colour they call “Bordeaux” which I really like, it makes a refreshing change from all the black and purple sex toys I have and goes wonderfully with the gold accent around the very base of the toy. You can also get the Womanizer Duo in black with gold accent.

Charging Up

The Womanizer Duo arrived with some charge, and the instruction booklet doesn’t say you need to charge it before use, so you could get to playing with it right away (after giving it a quick wash). I always think its a good idea to charge up a rechargeable sex toy before first use anyway though.


The Womanizer Duo has two gold circles at the very base of it. To charge it simply attach the magnetic charger to these two charging points and attach the other end to a USB port. I used a wall plug. When it is charging a white light will flash on and off inside the head of the clitoral stimulator. Once it is fully charged this light will stay constantly on.

Controls and Features


The Womanizer Duo has a whopping six control buttons! Although I think that is a LOT of buttons, I actually think it makes using the Womanizer Duo easier to control than having fewer buttons that have multiple functions. This way, every button has it’s own specific function to control.

On the back of the Womanizer Duo just above the charging port is an on/off switch, click it and the Womanizer Duo will turn on and a light will glow inside the clitoral stimulator, click it again at any time and the Womanizer Duo will switch off. Due to the smart silence feature the Womanizer Duo won’t actually vibrate until the silicone head of the clitoral stimulator is in contact with something, but the light will indicate if the Womanizer Duo is currently on or off. The Womanizer Duo comes on at the first intensity level.

The remaining five buttons are on the front. There are two that control the intensity of stimulation for both the clitoral stimulator and the vibrating arm. The button with the picture of a tall cylinder with vibration lines coming out of it increases the intensity of the vibrating arm, and the minus button above it decreases the intensity. The button with a picture of an oval shape with several smaller ovals descending from it increases the intensity of the clitoral stimulator, and the minus button decreases the intensity. There is a line of silicone between the two sets of two buttons to help you to separate them by feel during use. Each stimulator has twelve intensity levels that you can choose from, and they can be on different levels. If you only want one part of the Womanizer Duo to be on, you can press the minus button of the part you want to switch off, and once it gets past the lowest intensity level it will stop.

The top most button (or bottom most, depending on which way up it is) has a picture of a diamond shaped grid of circles. This button controls the patterns for the vibrating arm. There are ten patterns to choose from, a mixture of oscillations and pulses that all seem like they’d feel good. You can uses the increase and decrease buttons to change the intensity of each pattern. Once you’ve cycled through all the patterns, you will get back to the constant vibration mode. If you want to exit patterns sooner, you simply hold down the pattern button and it will go back to constant vibration mode. I love this feature, because it completely understands my need to experiment with patterns then get back very quickly to constant mode, as it works the best for me.

The smart silence feature is automatically on, but there is a way you can turn it off if you don’t want it to be on (if you wanted to just use the vibrating arm, for example, and you weren’t going to be in constant contact with the clitoral head). To switch off smart silence you need to hold down the two buttons that control the clitoral stimulator for two seconds. Repeat this to turn smart silence back on again.

Using the Womanizer Duo

Womanizer Duo

In use, the Womanizer Duo performs spectacularly! The thicker, more bulbous head of the vibrating arm applies expert pressure to my G-spot and paired with the wonderfully rumbly vibrations, it quickly leads me to have an intensely satisfying G-spot orgasm. I even did an experiment where I switched off the clitoral stimulation (that part makes me come very easily) and tried just the vibrating arm, and sure enough I did enjoy an orgasm, and I’m not someone who finds it easy to come from vaginal stimulation alone.

When I used the fantastic air pulse technology that is built in to the clitoral stimulation alongside the G-spot vibrator the results  were mind blowing! Even on the lowest settings I find myself orgasming within a few minutes, if I ramp it up to setting five or so I orgasm within seconds. I like to play with the intensity to nudge it up and then back down again, seeing how long I can go before orgasm.

The patterns of the vibrating arm were also fun to play with, but I found on pattern mode I needed to increase the intensity of the vibrations to be able to feel them properly; the lower intensity levels make a few of the patterns almost disappear.

I was very impressed by how quiet the Womanizer Duo is. The smart silence feature is a great invention as it will only make a sound when the clitoral stimulator is in contact with something, and the sound tends to be muffled when it is in contact. But even when it’s running, the Womanizer Duo is surprisingly quiet given the intensity of its stimulation; you’ve be very unlikely to hear it through a closed door. If you need to masturbate discreetly, the Womanizer Duo would be a good choice of a sex toy for you.

I found that I could also use the Womanizer Duo hands free, by squeezing my thighs around it, which was a fun trick. As with all rabbit-style vibrators you have to be a bit lucky with anatomy that both parts hit the right spots. I found that the Womanizer Duo did sit nicely on my G-spot and my clit, but it did take a bit of careful positioning. I actually found that the Womanizer InsideOut fit me better, I think because of the vibrating arm being slimmer. Once you’ve got it in the correct position for you, you can’t really move much or the clitoral stimulator will be knocked out of place. The Womanizer Duo is really a lazy masturbation tool, you just put it in place then lie back and let the magic happen, with some playing around with settings. If you’re someone who likes to do a lot of thrusting, grinding or generally just moving about, the Womanizer Duo might not be the best toy for you.

Although the buttons are improved from the Womanizer InsideOut, I still find them a bit tricky to navigate during use. I think this is partly due to the chunky body being a bit cumbersome to hold on to whilst also pushing buttons, and partly due to trying to keep it in a precise position during use so I can’t move it up to see the buttons (which are difficult to see due to them being the same colour as the rest of the toy). It’s not too much of a negative, but if any of the Womanizer toys were crying out for a remote control, it’s this one. To be able to have controls I could actually bring to my face and look at whilst keeping the Womanizer Duo where it is would make it the ultimate lazy masturbation product. Also imagine the fun that could be had if you could position it perfectly then have a partner bind your legs around it and use a remote control… (slipping off in to fantasy a bit here). Perhaps in newer models we’ll see WOW tech group using the same technology used in the great We-Vibe remote controls and app applied to the Womanizer range.

Clean Up

Womanizer Duo

The Womanizer Duo is 100% waterproof so you can easily clean it with soap and warm water after each use. It’s lint free storage pouch is perfect for keeping it dust-free between uses. I found it easy to clean, but with lots of uses (and lube) special care will need to be taken around all the ridges, particularly the buttons. I have a toothbrush that I only use for sex toy cleaning.

The Womanizer Duo is covered in silicone, which is a body-safe non porous material. This means that you can sterilise it, which you should always do if you intend to share it with another person, or if you use it anally then want to use it vaginally. I use baby bottle sterilising fluid to sterilise my sex toys, following the dilution guide on the packaging and rinsing them thoroughly with clean water afterwards. You can also use a weak (<5%) bleach solution, and rise after.


Overall, I think the Womanizer Duo is a fantastic product. It has been improved from the previous InsideOut model with a better G-spot seeking shape, clearer controls, added vibration patterns and the really cool smart silence feature (and it has a much better name). The build and materials are really high quality; they feel great and I can’t see a single seam, and the lovely packaging and extra touches such as the storage bag really make the Womanizer Duo a luxurious product. It’s also waterproof and USB rechargeable via a magnetic charging port meaning the toy remains water-tight. Most importantly, the rumbly and intense motors combined lead me to have easy and spectacular orgasms. What more could you ask for?

All that luxury does come at a cost though, the Womanizer Duo has been launched at £179, £10 more than the InsideOut and the most expensive Womanizer product to date. It is also arguably the best one, and there are similarly priced luxury sex toys from other companies that may not be as good as this one (LELO for example), so if you can afford it I do think the Womanizer Duo is worth investing in.

Buy the Womanizer Duo here or here.

I’d like to thank Womanizer for providing me with the Womanizer Duo free of charge in exchange for a honest review. This in no way altered my opinion of the product.

5 thoughts on “Womanizer Duo Review

  1. Excellent reviews here and on the Womanizer comparison page!
    I really really love this particular toy and have owned 2 of them (and 3 Womanizer premiums) over the past year and a half. I’m just popping in here to say that the Duo is AMAZING, but unfortunately, they just keep dying on me (Duo specifically – the arm not working, then the whole thing not turning, then charging, then turning on for a second and dying until it’s charged a bit again). Idk if it’s because I’m in Aus where the charging on wall or through the computer is too strong and causing shorts (I’ve only maintained my latest Premium as long as I have because I charge it solely on my computer USB, I think, and am incredibly careful not to get it overly wet beyond necessary cleaning).
    I haven’t seen too many people talking about these experiences so I think maybe I’m just unlucky, and I’m STILL considering getting another Duo (just maybe from another store because I think they’re starting to think I’m breaking my returned toys on purpose! haha) – third time’s the charm!
    This Duo toy is GREAT and (for my body shape and sensitivity preferences) WAYYYYY better than the Lelo Engima I picked up as a replacement.
    Thanks for these great reviews!


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