OSUGA cuddly bird review

The OSUGA cuddly bird is a unique looking sex toy with a lot to like about it. It’s waterproof and made of lovely soft squishy silicone with 3 stylish colours to chose from It’s astethically pleasing, from its ridged surface to its glowing lamp of a charger. The designers took care to make a beautiful product. It vibrates and uses air pulse technology (although not at the same time) meaning you can use it for a range of sexual stimulation. The settings are simple, but the motors and the buttons could be better.


The OSUGA cuddly bird comes in a plain white box, with the branding subtly indented on. It’s nothing special, but it’s also quite tasteful. Inside the box the OSUGA cuddly bird is safely encased in its charging cage, surrounded by protective foam.

Charging the OSUGA cuddly bird

The OSUGA cuddly bird has a very pretty charging system. There is a circular plastic charging platform base with 2 metal points on it. These match up to 2 metal buttons on the base of the OSUGA cuddly bird, which will sit nicely on to the plastic charging platform.

Then you can plug in a USB cable to the platform base and plug it in to any USB port. If the OSUGA cuddly bird is correctly positioned for charging, a circular light around the edge of the charging platform will glow with a gentle yellow light. There is a clear plastic ridged dome that you can cover the whole thing with, making it more lamp like and protecting the OSUGA cuddly bird from dust.

The charger also functions as a “night light” or “atmospheric lamp” and can be used without the OSUGA cuddly bird in place.

Controls and Functions

The OSUGA cuddly bird is controlled by 2 buttons at the base of the toy. These double up as the charging points and look like two little birds in profile (so cute!). There is a double ~ symbol beneath the button that controls the vibrations and a ○ beneath the button that controls the air pulsation. You can only have one of these modes on at once, i.e. it can’t vibrate and pulse at the same time.

Hold down either button for 2 seconds to turn on or off the chosen mode, and click the same button to move up the 3 intensity levels. I do appreciate the simplicity of this design: for me 3 levels of intensity is enough, particularly with a single button control.

Using the OSUGA cuddly bird

First I tried out the OSUGA cuddly bird in vibrating mode.

The vibrations are felt more towards the base of the OSUGA cuddly bird, where it has this nice ridged “tail” that you can use for some precision. The ridges along the sides also offer an extra texture and are nice for erotic massage.

In use, I did enjoy using the OSUGA cuddly bird on vibrate mode for a bit of a warm up. However the vibrations are very loud and buzzy and there was no surface precise enough to give me any real pleasure. I found the vibrations too harsh to be enjoyable on anything but the lowest level, but they did “wake up” my nerves a little before I switched to air pulsation mode for clitoral stimulation.

Positioning the OSUGA cuddly bird exactly over my clit was a bit tricky. The opening is rather small and shape of the OSUGA cuddly bird means your holding something almost spherical; it’s not intuitive where exactly the opening is. After a few misses I do get it positioned correctly, its just not as straightforward as some other products of this type.

The air pulsation for clitoral stimulation is strong. I have a sensitive clit, so for me sometimes it was too strong on the lowest setting, my whole body would completely tense up very quickly and I’d have to move it off my clit before managing to orgasm. However, there were times when I did hold on long enough to come, and it was worth it for the explosion of pleasure that the OSUGA cuddly bird caused. Overall, I’d call it a roaring success for that reason alone, although I do miss the slow build up that I get from toys that have gentler starting settings.

One issue that I have when using the OSUGA cuddly bird are its buttons. They are small and incredibly difficult to push, particularly when the OSUGA cuddly bird is vibrating furiously. They are also close together and impossible to distinguish, so if you need to change the setting you’d have to stop what you are doing and look at the base of the toy, then press really hard to get it to change. Thankfully, there only being 3 levels, you won’t be changing setting often. Still, I feel this is a design flaw and I’d prefer easy to use buttons rather than cute ones. If you have difficulty with finger or hand strength the OSUGA cuddly bird would not be an ideal product for you.


In summary, I do like the OSUGA cuddly bird. It’s nice to look at, the charger offers something pleasantly different, it’s settings are simple and the clitoral air pulse mode can give me awesome orgasms. However, there is also room for improvement; the vibrations are far too fast and buzzy (why does it look so cute but sound so angry?), the buttons are difficult to press, particularly whilst it is vibrating and its not the easiest to position.

Its at a slightly lower price point than some of its competitors, so if you know you like strong air pulsation and/or broad buzzy vibrators and you fancy something that looks a bit different, the OSUGA cuddly bird would be perfect for you.

If you’d like to buy your own OSUGA cuddly bird you can find it here, use code Jezebella for $40 discount!

This product was sent to me by OSUGA in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my opinion of it.

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