Hi there, my name is Jezebella and I’m a sex-positive, sex enthusiasts!

I’m a Pansexual woman, which means that gender identity does not affect my sexual or romantic attraction to a person. Pansexuality is like Bisexuality, but it is more inclusive because it recognises that more than two gender identities exist, and for me gender is fluid and I do not close myself off to sexual or romantic experiences with anyone based on how they choose to present their gender.

I’m also polyamorous, which means I think it is possible to have intimate and loving relationships with more than one person. Monogamy is not something I can easily stick to for long periods of time, so being openly polyamorous is a more honest way of interacting with romantic partners. For me, polyamory is a way of thinking as well as a way of being; it means you don’t claim possession of any one person, you let go of jealousy, and you communicate clearly with your partners to make sure everyone feels loved and satisfied within the relationship.

This blog is a space for me to write erotic stories and personal opinion pieces about sex and relationships, that will often be sexually explicit in nature, but that also express some of my feelings about what it means to be polyamorous and pansexual.

There is also a non-fiction side to the blog where I write honest and often very detailed reviews of various sex toys I own. I’m enthusiastic about sex toys and I hope my reviews will encourage you explore the wonderful world of buzzing, orgasm-inducing robots.

Hope you enjoy!

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