Image: genderless nipple

My breasts are soft, round and comforting. The nipples accent them perfectly, each one unique. The dark centre of the nipple dissipates into a pink that fades out in a perfect circle, like beams of light from a pink sun. Like a finger print, my nipples are patterned in exquisite detail. The hair that surrounds … Continue reading Image: genderless nipple

Image: Impolite lips

My lips are not considered polite. They get stares; expressions of disgust at their lack of perceived femininity. I am a coward. I wax, the painful process altering the soft hairs to a thick line of bald pink. But at this moment, in their honest state, I am defiant. My lips a display of strength. … Continue reading Image: Impolite lips

Image: Stretch marks on a hip

Deep purple lines shoot up across the curve of my hips like fireworks curving upwards into the autumnal night sky, their tails fading into a light pink trace that disappears into nothing. Beside them, more difficult to make out, are the pale silver indentations of the marks that came before them. Soon, the mixtures of … Continue reading Image: Stretch marks on a hip

Comfortably (un)sexy selfies: a journey towards loving every part of myself

This post is hard to write for an audience. It's so painfully personal I don't think it'll even make it on to my twitter feed. It's a journey I started a while ago, but with the turn of a new year and some serious self reflection, I've decided to share it with you. It's funny, … Continue reading Comfortably (un)sexy selfies: a journey towards loving every part of myself