Womanizer InsideOut review

I'm a big fan of Womanizer products. In my opinion, they make the best clitoral stimulations that you can buy (check out my reviews for the pro 40 and 2go). The Womanizer InsideOut is the latest in a series of beautiful, well-made and luxurious sex toys. First Impressions I received the womanizer InsideOut as a … Continue reading Womanizer InsideOut review

Spring Cleaning: Sex Toys for Sale!

I've begun that arduous task of cleaning up and clearing out my house. I'm going at it slowly, trying to cut out things I don't use, selling some, giving some to charity, and recycling everything else. Whilst going through my bedroom I was confronted with just how many sex toys I have that I never … Continue reading Spring Cleaning: Sex Toys for Sale!

LELO Sona Review

I'd like to start this review with a disclaimer. If you're only interested in the product review, by all means move on to the non italics below. I was in many minds about whether I would post this review. On the one hand, I would like people to be able to read reviews for products … Continue reading LELO Sona Review

Womanizer 2 Go Review

It's well known that I'm a big fan of the Womanizer Pro 40. I rave about it every chance I get and it was featured in my top sex toys 2016. So when Womanizer let me know they had a brand new product out, I couldn't wait to give it a try! The Womanizer 2 Go is … Continue reading Womanizer 2 Go Review

Satisfyer 1 Guest Review

I was feeling a little overwhelmed by Satisfyer products to review (and a little overwhelmed by life in general, but that's another story), so I decided I needed a little help. I asked Lovehoney sex toy reviewer CaptainMeow if she could possibly help me out. I was really glad when she agreed. Below is her … Continue reading Satisfyer 1 Guest Review

Womanizer Pro 40 Review

The Womanizer revolutionised clitoral stimulation, and clit possessing people have been raving about it's gentle suction design ever since the first garish model appeared on the scene. And it just keeps getting better and better. The latest model, the pro 40, has been made sleek and stylish and now it is even waterproof. They've also … Continue reading Womanizer Pro 40 Review

Satisfyer Pro2 Clitoral Stimulator

The Satisfyer Pro 2 made me fall in love with sex toys again. Don't get me wrong, I always love sex toys, but I was getting a bit jaded; not enough money to buy the high end goods, and my boxes of buzzing joy had all become a bit routine. Sure, I was orgasming, but it … Continue reading Satisfyer Pro2 Clitoral Stimulator