Womanizer Starlet 2 review

Unsure which Womanizer to buy? Read my comparison review here. I absolutely love it when a company comes out with a newer version of a toy that not only has improved features, but stays at the same price point as the original. That's exactly what Womanizer have done with the Starlet 2; it's design is … Continue reading Womanizer Starlet 2 review

Womanizer Duo Review

Unsure which Womanizer product to buy? Read my comparison review here! The Womanizer Duo is the latest luxury sex toy from WOW tech group (who also produce We-Vibe products). It's basically a new and improved version of the Womanizer InsideOut, with a much better name and exciting new features. What better way to start this review than … Continue reading Womanizer Duo Review

Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma Review

The Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma is by far the best Rocks-Off product I have tried in a long time. The shape perfectly understands the anatomy of the G-spot, making it both intensely stimulating and effortless to use. It's made almost entirely of smooth black silicone, with some ABS metallic detailing. It is completely waterproof and USB … Continue reading Rocks-Off Fuzion Enigma Review

Paloqueth Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

The Paloqueth Clitoral Sucking Vibrator has pleasantly surprised me. I agreed to review the Paloqueth Clitoral Sucking Vibrator because I understand that good quality sex toys can be very expensive, and I wanted to take a look at a cheaper product to see how it measured up to the likes of the luxury Womanizer models that … Continue reading Paloqueth Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

Womanizer Liberty Review

Unsure which womanizer to buy? Read my comparison review here. The womanizer Liberty is womanizer's latest in travel-sized clitoral stimulation. It's bigger and better than the Starlet, and much less comical than the 2Go (although I still love the 2Go, the shape of that comic giant lipstick just really works for me, both for positioning and … Continue reading Womanizer Liberty Review

Lovehoney Desire G spot vibrator

I have a few products from the excellent Lovehoney Desire Range and today I'm reviewing one of my favourites for you, the Lovehoney Desire G-Spot Vibrator. It is one of the original designs from the Desire range and I think the quality of those first few products was higher than some of the subsequent ones. The motors are … Continue reading Lovehoney Desire G spot vibrator

Lovehoney Lingerie: My top picks for Valentine’s day!

For me, Lingerie is a way to feel sexy and confident in the bedroom. I love all the different colours and styles you can get. When I'm shopping for lingerie, I look for good quality materials and build, a design that will look good on me and give me confidence and value for money.  Lovehoney … Continue reading Lovehoney Lingerie: My top picks for Valentine’s day!

Lovely cock ring review

App-based sex toys are becoming more and more common, and it makes sense right? Most people (or those who can afford to buy high end sex toys) now have a smart phone and you can easily use the bluetooth on smart phones to control electronic devices. The creators of the Lovely cock ring have gone … Continue reading Lovely cock ring review