Squirting: the pressure to perform and my lack of sexual pleasure

Squirting has become one of the top sexual acts of this decade. Although (some) vagina's have been able to do it since the beginning of humankind, I'm not sure when it was first depicted in pornography, but its gone from a niche, impressive act to something everyone with a vagina is expected to be able … Continue reading Squirting: the pressure to perform and my lack of sexual pleasure

Image: genderless nipple

My breasts are soft, round and comforting. The nipples accent them perfectly, each one unique. The dark centre of the nipple dissipates into a pink that fades out in a perfect circle, like beams of light from a pink sun. Like a finger print, my nipples are patterned in exquisite detail. The hair that surrounds … Continue reading Image: genderless nipple

Image: Impolite lips

My lips are not considered polite. They get stares; expressions of disgust at their lack of perceived femininity. I am a coward. I wax, the painful process altering the soft hairs to a thick line of bald pink. But at this moment, in their honest state, I am defiant. My lips a display of strength. … Continue reading Image: Impolite lips

Image: Stretch marks on a hip

Deep purple lines shoot up across the curve of my hips like fireworks curving upwards into the autumnal night sky, their tails fading into a light pink trace that disappears into nothing. Beside them, more difficult to make out, are the pale silver indentations of the marks that came before them. Soon, the mixtures of … Continue reading Image: Stretch marks on a hip

Comfortably (un)sexy selfies: a journey towards loving every part of myself

This post is hard to write for an audience. It's so painfully personal I don't think it'll even make it on to my twitter feed. It's a journey I started a while ago, but with the turn of a new year and some serious self reflection, I've decided to share it with you. It's funny, … Continue reading Comfortably (un)sexy selfies: a journey towards loving every part of myself

Subtle Abuse

Trigger Warning! This post contains details of domestic abuse, including sexual abuse, that some readers might find triggering.  Abuse isn’t always obvious. It doesn’t ever begin with a punch to the face or a hard shove. It is much, much more subtle than that. The start of it could be so slight you wouldn’t even … Continue reading Subtle Abuse

Six ways to Prevent Thrush

Thrush is one of those things most people with a vagina will get at some point in their lives. Some people are more prone to it than others, it just depends how sensitive your vag is. Thrush has a wide range of triggers, everything from antibiotics to pregnancy to just using too much soap. Despite … Continue reading Six ways to Prevent Thrush