My review of SNAPSHOT: ethical queer porn thriller

I have just finished watching SNAPSHOT and I'm so turned on I can barely write this. I seriously cannot stop smiling. It's everything I long for in an adult movie, and then some. Do you love watching beautiful, sexy, likeable characters? Do you like your porn to be ethical, feminist, diverse and really fucking hot? Do … Continue reading My review of SNAPSHOT: ethical queer porn thriller

Thoughts on my first year of blogging

On the 25th June becomes one year old. Happy Birthday baby blog! That's right, this blog really is my baby, and although at times I can be a really neglectful mother, I love it to pieces. I've learnt a lot in the past year of blogging. I'd like to say I'm now an expert … Continue reading Thoughts on my first year of blogging

RO-90mm Bullet Vibrator Review

I love it when a company looks at their product, listens to feedback, and then tries to improve it. In the sex toy world this is especially important. What I love about Rocks-Off is they already had a fantastic, affordable, discreet bullet, the RO-80mm. I've you've read my review of it already, you'll know it … Continue reading RO-90mm Bullet Vibrator Review

Twizzler Clitoral Vibrator Review

The Twizzler Clitoral Vibrator was sent to me by Sh! and I must say it's an interesting idea. Basically, it's a rabbit style vibrator with a rotating, rather than vibrating, clitoral stimulator. The idea of this kind of stimulation really appealed to me, and I couldn't wait to give it a try. However, my expectations weren't … Continue reading Twizzler Clitoral Vibrator Review

A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 11

Now, day 11's door is very long and slim. It's probably the longest window on the whole calendar. I'm pretty convinced it's a classic vibrator. It's my husband's day to open to door, and he says to me "you think this is a vibe, right?" while he slips his fingers under the tab and opens … Continue reading A Month of Sexual Happiness: Day 11