I am always interested in hearing from companies who would like to work with me. Please look at my rates before you contact me though. Requests to work for free will usually be denied.

Sex Toy Reviews

I only accept sex toys made out of body safe materials (silicone, glass, metal, abs plastic & wood). The product must also be something that I am interested in trying. Finally, a £10 fee is required in addition to the product. A good review takes many hours of work.


I host giveaways for free because I like to be able to give back to my readers. This is the most cost affective way to promote your company. You need to contribute the prize, the postage to the winner, and images of the prize. I only accept sex toy prizes that are made from body safe materials.

Side ads

If you want a square advertisement linking directly to your company on the side bar of all blog posts on MissJezebella.com, this costs £30 per month. You need to provide me with the image (square only) and link to the landing page.

Guest blog posts

I accept guest blog posts from fellow independent sex bloggers (who are not promoting any company) for free, if the content is fitting with the theme and ideals of MissJezebella.com. Promotional guest posts from companies cost £75 per blog post, and must include at least one image. Promotional blog posts must also fit in with the content and ethics of MissJezebella.com

Sponsored Blog Posts

If you would like to support my personal blog posts, you can add your companies name and banner to a personal post for a fee of £50.

Freelance work

If you would like to commission me as a writer to write blog posts for your website, my rate for a standard 1000 word article is £50.

Consultation work

If you are a new company seeking advice for marketing, products or website design, I am happy to help. Consultant fees vary depending on the amount of work required. Feel free to contact me for a quote.

If you would like to work with me, please enquire using the form below.