Image: genderless nipple

My breasts are soft, round and comforting. The nipples accent them perfectly, each one unique. The dark centre of the nipple dissipates into a pink that fades out in a perfect circle, like beams of light from a pink sun. Like a finger print, my nipples are patterned in exquisite detail. The hair that surrounds … Continue reading Image: genderless nipple

Image: Impolite lips

My lips are not considered polite. They get stares; expressions of disgust at their lack of perceived femininity. I am a coward. I wax, the painful process altering the soft hairs to a thick line of bald pink. But at this moment, in their honest state, I am defiant. My lips a display of strength. … Continue reading Image: Impolite lips

Why I stopped shaving: hairy legs in a shaven world

These are my legs. There are many like them, but these are mine. I love my legs. They are sturdy and strong, and they can take me great distances. They're also furry, the brown hair that covers them is soft and sleek. I'm about to go on a weeks beach holiday in Spain. "When is … Continue reading Why I stopped shaving: hairy legs in a shaven world