Fiction: An Introduction to Jasper

I lay on the cool, fresh grass, the sweet scent filling my nostrils. This was my favourite time of day; the twilight hours deep in summer, when the light became magical. The warm summer breeze gently caressed my skin. I thought of Jasper. I had found this wonderful, accepting man, who sees all of my … Continue reading Fiction: An Introduction to Jasper

Fine Day for a Picnic: Guest Erotica by Posy Churchgate

I'm really pleased to announce that I have my first guest erotic author on! Let me introduce Posy Churchgate, a fellow sex blogger and erotic story author. She's written a fantastic steamy summer erotic story for you to enjoy below. You can read many more of her sexy stories by visiting her blog pillow … Continue reading Fine Day for a Picnic: Guest Erotica by Posy Churchgate

A Halloween Tale

I woke up naked, startled, as if I’d been falling and had suddenly struck the ground. My breathing was fast and shallow, my stomach felt sick like it held some deeply unsettling secret. The whole bedroom was bathed in the orange light of the large harvest moon. Jasper was sleeping soundly next to me, his … Continue reading A Halloween Tale

Fiction: An introduction to Dai-tai

Dai-tai stirred the food with chopsticks. We were housemates, squashed together with 4 other undergraduate students in a too small house. Dai-tai flicked their short, black hair out of their face as they lent over the steaming pan, concentrating intently on the food. The aroma was intense with soy and five spice, and I breathed … Continue reading Fiction: An introduction to Dai-tai

Fiction: An Introduction to Myra

Myra lent over and passed me a note. I glimpsed her cleavage through the gap between the buttons on her too-tight school shirt as she leaned towards me. She had an annoyed look on her face. Frowning, I opened the folded piece of paper. It read “It fucking sucks being gay in a small town, … Continue reading Fiction: An Introduction to Myra

Fiction: An introduction to Jacob

He held the back of my neck as he kissed me; a hard, determined grip. I’d forgotten how good his kisses are; deep, urgent and sensual. He released me and I glanced around the table. My friends, deep in late night conversation, were not paying attention. I sipped my drink as he casually let an … Continue reading Fiction: An introduction to Jacob