Fiction: An introduction to Dai-tai

Dai-tai stirred the food with chopsticks. We were housemates, squashed together with 4 other undergraduate students in a too small house. Dai-tai flicked their short, black hair out of their face as they lent over the steaming pan, concentrating intently on the food. The aroma was intense with soy and five spice, and I breathed … Continue reading Fiction: An introduction to Dai-tai

Fiction: An Introduction to Myra

Myra lent over and passed me a note. I glimpsed her cleavage through the gap between the buttons on her too-tight school shirt as she leaned towards me. She had an annoyed look on her face. Frowning, I opened the folded piece of paper. It read “It fucking sucks being gay in a small town, … Continue reading Fiction: An Introduction to Myra