That time I had sex out of politeness

Content Warning: this post contains details of a sexual encounter where consent was not enthusiastically given. The recent story about Aziz Ansari got me thinking about a sexual encounter I'd put from my mind. Reading Grace's story brought it all flooding back. I think it's a powerful story, not just because of Aziz Ansari's personal politics being (publically … Continue reading That time I had sex out of politeness

Subtle Abuse

Trigger Warning! This post contains details of domestic abuse, including sexual abuse, that some readers might find triggering.  Abuse isn’t always obvious. It doesn’t ever begin with a punch to the face or a hard shove. It is much, much more subtle than that. The start of it could be so slight you wouldn’t even … Continue reading Subtle Abuse

How My Rape Affected My Sex Life

Trigger warning: This article contains explicit details of sexual assault some readers might find traumatising. It's been 10 years since I was raped. I wish I could say all that time has made the memory fade and my mind clear. I still remember it vividly, and I live with all the hang ups that very brief … Continue reading How My Rape Affected My Sex Life